At Cedar Hills we’re committed to developing safe venues where people can get connected and grow in faith with others in the Body of Christ.

We celebrate together in a weekly worship gathering of all ministry groups to corporately experience belonging to the larger community of faith.

Small group gatherings held both on and off the Cedar Hills campus, and are designed to equip followers of Jesus Christ to fulfill the Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20) by living out the Great Commandment (Mt. 22:36-40).  We often call our small groups “Cells”.


Looking to get connected and grow in your faith? Consider joining a small group!  A small group is 2 to 12 people who meet regularly to grow in faith together at multiple venues to explore the Christian faith.


Joining a group is simple! Ways to join include:

  • Visit a group with one of your friends.
  • Attend a Cell Facilitator class.
  • or Contact JR Henderson, Pastor of Spiritual Formation to find out about the groups currently meeting and discover the right group for you.


Each group is unique in its own way, but overall you can expect the group to:

  • Connect through life experiences
  • Open ourselves up in worship
  • Equip one another to serve
  • Grow in faith and do life together

Groups are encouraged to use the sermon cell for discussion, which is provided in the church bulletin at each worship celebration. Some group study a book of the Bible, while others choose a curriculum tailored to the group’s needs.

“Cell group has been a stepping stone to my faith. I have been able to learn and establish myself to know and have a better relationship with Him.” – Mike D.

“What I like about cell groups is the fellowship to grow and learn. I feel that hosting it at our house allows the Holy Spirit to come in and fill it and I love it. I love hearing other people’s perspectives to help me grow more. I also look forward to having something between Sundays.” – Jessica D.

“Being in a cell group has shown me how to love strangers just like Jesus wanted us to, and thanks to our cell’s openness I now have several new friends that I would have never had before joining a cell group.” – Jerrad S.

“Cell group gives me a worship connection during the week and has provided me with a group of friends I know I can count on for prayer, answers and support along the journey. I like that our cell group is an environment that is open to questions I have as a “new Christian” where I feel safe to ask things I may not ask anywhere else.” – Trish S.