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Growing Missional Communities

Growing Missional Communities

We believe God wants every man, woman, and child having a daily encounter with Jesus in Word and deed! And God wants to use us to accomplish this “so that the knowledge of the glory of God will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

A vital aspect of living on mission as a congregation is to grow leaders who are living on mission. The consistory is currently engaging the question of growing missional leaders in two ways. First, we are
growing ourselves by exploring how we can live on mission. Second, we are evaluating the leadership structure to see if our structure limits leadership commitment and ownership.

Our hope has always been that Cedar Hills would not be a staff-led ministry. We believe that the staff equips others to do ministry by building teams, led by non-staff leaders. So far in the review of our leadership development, we have discovered that one structural limitation to growing leaders who feel empowered
is turnover of elected leaders such as elders and deacons. We want to recruit, train and retain leaders who serve for the long haul. As we continue this review we will keep the congregation informed about our discoveries.

We also met with Leah Carolan, our director of Worship & Media. We celebrated her gift of raising up dozens of leaders in the areas of singing, playing instruments, running tech, creative arts, Sunday hospitality, and in developing our social media. Easter was a highlight with more than 100 volunteers serving and leading throughout the three services.

Please pray for our congregation as we continue to explore missional community together. God longs for the day when every man, woman, and child in Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa will have a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed through us!

2018 Consistory

Deacons: Alan Brockette, Bruce Boldt, Jim Flamming, Allison Johnson, Nancy Josifek, Karen Schumacher
Elders: Lois Deerberg, Deb DeHaan, Diane Potter, Mike Robinson, Crissie Rozendaal, Kate Ulmer, Ken Viggers
Pastors: Alan Crandall, Kent Landhuis (President)

How Jesus Sends Us to Change the World

Recently our consistory spent time listening to what Jesus said about the mission he has for us to bless the world. They are relevant whether God sends us to Cedar Rapids or Africa. These ideas are found in Luke 10:1-20.

1) First off, this is God’s project, so pray! He’s the only one who can put a broken world back together, so ask for His help. Prayer is the highest priority.

2) You don’t need a lot of money or fancy stuff to be successful in God’s mission. Go simple. Go depending on the resources. God will provide.

3) Go specifically (and only) where Jesus sends you. He has a plan and he will guide you step by step, if you listen.

4) Go together (2 by 2, families together, teams). God doesn’t expect you to go alone. God gives us brothers and sisters in a common cause.

5) Wherever you go, announce the good news that God’s dream of a new world is coming true now, and invite others to experience its joy with us.

6) God gives us power to heal everyone suffering from the effects of sin. You have divine authority to conquer demons!

7) Finally, don’t worry about the inevitable opposition and roadblocks. It will require sacrifice, but nothing can stop God’s mission to make all things new.

The words of Jesus are powerful and inspiring. Where will you end up when you follow Jesus? Only he knows for sure, but it will be an amazing adventure!

Alan Crandall
Pastor of Care

Praying for the Harvest

from the Cedar Hills consistory:

We believe God wants every man, woman, and child having a daily encounter with Jesus in Word and deed! And God wants to use us to accomplish this “so that the knowledge of the glory of God will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

We opened our March consistory meeting dwelling in Luke 10. We feel like we are called, like the 70 Jesus sent out, two by two, praying for God to work. Please join us in praying for workers to go where God sends them!

We also began the process of evaluating the Consistory terms and tenures. We are discerning the ways God might want to grow us as consistory members. We are also discerning how we might extend as a  congregation greater love and hospitality to those in our community who are marginalized. And we also will be reviewing our staffing needs as we discern possible next steps for growing our congregation. As you can see, these are all important issues and we certainly appreciate all your prayers!

We also met with Kyle French, the new Director of Family and Children’s Ministry. We heard his story, his vision for the ministry, and prayed for God to guide him as he builds teams for this vital ministry.

God longs for the day when every man, woman and child in Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa will have a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed through US! Please pray, pray, pray as God grows us as disciples making disciples more and more in our ability to carry out this mission.

The Cedar Hills Consistory