Business Mentorship 101



Are you an entrepreneur? New to owning a business? Or dream about starting a side hustle? For 4-weeks this summer, you’ll have a chance to hear from business professionals who have a wealth of wisdom and advice to guide and mentor anyone who desires to grow in their business skills. (Open to everyone, Cedar Hills and beyond). Sundays at 9:45am, beginning June 2.  Topics we’ll cover:

  • Doing business debt free
  • Coping skills for running/starting a business
  • Having and building a team
  • Keeping business finances separate from personal


Cedar Hills Community Church is located in NW Cedar Rapids at the corner of E Ave and Stoney Point Rd, next door to Cherry Hill Park and Aquatic Center.


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    Rooted: A Resource for Small Group Leaders

    Rooted: A Resource for Small Group Leaders

    For years my men’s small group did what I call “no homework” lessons. We read a passage or used a handout that I passed out at the beginning of each small group and that way nobody had to feel bad about being unprepared.

    This year I offered a different plan. I suggested using the Rooted workbook which has daily readings and homework that we followed up with a group discussion when we met. The group blew me away in the thoroughness of their prep, they were very engaged, and reported loving our group time.

    After we completed that workbook they wanted to keep doing this style of lesson and so we are now using the second book The Story of God. It is a deeper dive into the whole story of scripture from Genesis to Revelation in 8 weeks. We love it! Doing the extra prep work has deepened our discussion and while not everyone completes all the daily work every week, everyone has plenty to add to the group discussion.

    Both books are from the Rooted Network.

    Kent Landhuis
    Pastor of Teaching & Leadership

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      UMV 2024 – The River of the Kingdom

      Alliance of Reformed Churches

      UMV 2024:
      The River of the Kingdom

      Saturday, June 15, 8am to 3pm
      Cedar Hills Community Church

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      June 15, 2024 Schedule

      Continental Breakfast and Fellowship

      Welcome and Worship

      BREAKOUT Session #1

      • Hiring the Right Pastor: Discover resources to seek the next Pastor for your congregation. (Ron Fischer)
      • Alliance Vision: How the Alliance of Reformed Church works and why it matters. (Tim Vink)
      • Church Vitality: Three Essentials for Healthy Growing Churches. (Ben Ingebretson)

      BREAKOUT  Session #2

      • Leadership Development:  How To Expand Your Leadership Bench. (Ben Ingebretson)
      • Pathways to Ordination: Discover the Alliance pathway to ordination.  (Thomas Cellilli)
      • Ministry in a Hostile World: How we offer Jesus in a polarized, angry world. (Kent Landhuis)

      Business Meeting

      Lunch (no cost)

      Keynote Speaker – Colin Thornley

      Closing Thoughts and Prayer

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      Colin Thornley served in ministry with Grace Community Church for over 25 years as in various roles such as: Youth Pastor, College Pastor and Pastor of Discipleship & Equipping. While serving at Grace, he continued to pursue training and ministry opportunities with Serge as a mentor and eventually a Sonship Coach.  He was first introduced to Sonship and Serge mission’s organization in the fall 1993 when he experienced a ‘gosplosion’ as he listened to Jack Miller lecture and Drew Angus pressing the good news into the deepest parts of his heart. The gospel-centric paradigm shift that began there increasingly impacted his life and dependence on Jesus and His finished work. Colin’s passion for mentoring and equipping people who want to mentor others led him to begin assisting Serge in a minimally part-time capacity and finally to join the Serge Renewal Mentoring Team in January of 2020.

      Ben Ingebretson
       is a leadership vitality/church planting consultant and has led widely with organizations, churches and denominations including the United Methodist Church, and the Reformed Church in America.

      Tim Vink 
      is the Director of Spiritual Leadership and Outreach in the Alliance of Reformed Churches. Through 35 years of evangelism, disciple-making, and helping diverse churches plant more reproducing churches, Tim has experienced the power of making Jesus our model for ministry today. Working with a multiplication mindset, embracing the fullness of the gospel of Jesus and New Testament patterns of Kingdom growth, and receiving all the help offered by the same Holy Spirit—the dynamic results have been life-giving for hundreds of new churches and tens of thousands of people.

      Ron Fischer
      is the Network Leader & President, Board of Directors of the Upper Mississippi Valley Network. Ron serves the Alliance part-time as the Executive Assistant to the Board and as Pastor of Operations at Christ’s Family Church in Davenport, IA.  He has served in churches for the last 20+ years in South Carolina, Florida and now Iowa.

      Thomas Cellilli has faithfully served this New Life Community Church as lead pastor since August 2021. Thomas has been married to his wife Shelby since 2017, and together they have two daughters: Nora and Audrey. He enjoys spending time with them running around in their backyard with their dog, Rizzo. In his free time, Thomas enjoys disc golfing at Altmaier Park, going to coffeeshops with a good novel, playing an over-complicated board game, or re-watching his favorite sci-fi/fantasy movies.
      Kent Landhuis is Pastor of Preaching and Leadership at Cedar Hills Community Church.  Kent used to think that being human was something sinful that had to be over come. Now he understands that people are made to bear God’s image by becoming human like Jesus. Kent wants to purge the phrase “I’m only human” from our vocabulary because the message of Jesus is that everyone can become more human, as God designed, which allows us all to flourish. Kent’s mission is to introduce others to this good news so they can become all they are meant to be in Jesus!


      We have reserved a block of 10 rooms at Tru by Hilton Hotel, which is a short drive from the church. The group rate is $175.
      Arrival Date: 6/14/2024
      Departure Date: 6/15/2024
      Cut-off Date: 5/17/2024

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      Sanctuary Choir Spring Schedule

      Join the choir! Rehearsals are on Wednesdays, 6:30pm in the Lime Room (right hallway, all the way to the end).  Choir is open to high school age and up.  If you know you part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) that is helpful! But we can also help you find your voice part by range.


      Choir will be singing at the 8:30am service May 5.

      Wed April 24 – Rehearsal

      Wed May 1 –  RehearsalSun May 5 – Sing in 1st Service.

      Practice Tracks

      Questions? Contact Stuart Geiger


        What Were You Made For?

        What Were You Made For?

        Growing up we get asked questions like ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ or ‘What do you want to study in college?’ These questions have good intent and challenge us to think far ahead. When I think of what I was made for, I can’t help but think of Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God already prepared in advance for us to do.” This means that there is work that needs to get done before we leave this earth. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to die with any potential left in me. I want to make sure I maximize my time here on earth by using my gifts and talents for His glory.

        The Bible reminds us to give God the glory in all that we do. Whether you are a cashier at a store, a pastor, a nurse or a student, we are meant to give Him all the Glory at all times. The times we don’t feel like giving Him Glory, we have got to do it either way. We were made for so much more than ourselves. As believers we are meant to point people to Christ.

        I challenge you to look for ways to point someone to Christ this week. It may be sharing a scripture on social media, inviting someone to church, or offering to pray for them. In our spheres of influence, let us be intentional about sharing what Christ is doing in our lives. The world is in desperate need of the gospel, and it is our duty as believers to answer the call. That is what we were made for.

        Frankline “Franky” Tshombe
        Children’s Church Leader

        Did you enjoy this article? Did you laugh, cry, or learn something new?  Let Frankline know.

          You Belong – a membership class

          Becoming a member of a church is a big decision! If you feel called to Cedar Hills or would just like to explore making us your ‘home church’,  the next session of “You Belong” Membership Class. It will be held for 6 weeks on Sundays at 9:45am beginning April 7, 2024.

          Nursery for ages 0-36 months is available at this same time, as well as classes for children of all ages.

          No registration is needed.

          Pledge of Neighborliness

          Pledge of Neighborliness

          While reading the latest news about one of our ministry partners (Matthew 25), I discovered they had an initiative to help people become more neighborly. Only 3 out of 10 people across America say they know their neighbors.

          We are the kind of people who are called to love our neighbors. It is the second great commandment. It seems to me that we can’t love our neighbors if we don’t know them. Matthew 25 encourages neighborliness with the Front Yard Club. Here are some of the pledges of Front Yard Club Members:

          • Foster a welcoming front yard.
          • Make time in your week to be in your front yard.
          • Be a steward for the health and safety of your neighborhood.
          • Have fun!

          Front Yard Club Membership sounds easy enough and these items made me think of a couple more:

          • Smile at everyone you see.
          • Greet everyone who walks past.
          • Listen for Holy Spirit promptings.

          And, as I pondered neighborliness, it struck me that we can smile, greet, and listen to people everywhere we are. Home, school, work, the park, the gym, the store – even at church – we could be better neighbors.

          What do you think? Ready to take the pledge?

          Kent Landhuis
          Pastor of Teaching & Leadership

          Did you enjoy this article? Did you laugh, cry or learn something new? Let Kent know.

            Love. Belong. Serve.