143 Kids Find the Treasure of God’s Grace

concert 2016 VBS is in the books!

Wow! What a year!! Those kids are amazing. The massive group of people who all came together to work for the same goal impressed me so much! The 4 crew members who came in to feed all of us workers and our families each night, the 2 crew members who took care of our worker’ babies, the crew of 2-3 who feed snacks to 170 each night between the kids and helpers, the 30 crew leaders of children ages 3-12, the 3 teachers, 4 scallywag band members, 2 tech crew, 1 graphic designer, 1 extra printer and secretary,1 medical, 1 security, 4 floaters who did all kinds of odd jobs, 4 games leaders, 3 craft leaders, 2 front desk people, 7 crew who came in to transform our building into a pirate world, 7 clean up crew and the 143 kids who came to learn about God’s planned, resurrecting, outrageous, overcoming and forever Grace!” ~ Kristin and Otto Getz, Directors of Children & Family Ministry

pirate family“I had two people stop me after the concert   Thursday and tell me how this was one of the best VBS experiences their kids had been to. It was such a God-filled week! I loved being a part of it!” ~ Danielle

“It did as much good for me as it did for all those awesome kids! I was definitely moved by the Holy Spirit and it was OUTRAGEOUS! “ ~ Kelli

“The energy Kristin and Otto brought to coordinating and building this VBS week and their ability to gather such a great team to support the effort was amazing. We are so grateful that God has put them in a leadership role with our Children’s Ministries! “ ~ Scott

“Every child had a smile on his or her face when playing outdoor games.
It was great!” ~ Paul