3rd Annual Chili Cook-off

Sun, Nov. 17, will be our 3rd annual Chili Cook-off, after 2nd service! The cook-off supports the Journey youth.  Bring cash to vote for your favorite chili and favorite bread.  Dollars, quarters, spare change, whatever you’d like. After voting (and enjoying samples of each chili and bread) you’ll be able to enjoy a full bowl (or 2 or 3) of your favorite recipes.

Do you have an awesome chili or bread you’d like enter into the contest?  Sign up below (on the web version there is a signup form…)  Contestants are asked to prepare a double batch of chili or 2-3 loaves of bread for the contest.  Food should be at the church by 11:30am. We will have an assigned table for your chili and bread submissions, as well as name cards for your recipe names.   Bring copies of the recipe to share! (You’ll get lots of requests!).  This also helps those with food sensitivities.  We can help make photo copies in the office if needed.

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