Baby Bottle Boomerang begins Jan. 14

What is Baby Bottle Boomerang?

babybottleBaby Bottle Boomerang is an opportunity for us to come together to support the mission and ministry of Bridgehaven. Through a Baby Bottle Boomerang campaign, we share in the work Bridgehaven is doing in the community.  Here’s how it works:

On Sunday, Jan. 14 a table will be set up in the Gathering Space topped with baby bottles. The bottles serve two purposes:

  1. They are a reminder to pray for the ministry of Bridgehaven.
  2. They can be filled with change, bills, or checks to financially support the ministry.
  3. We then bring the bottles back to the church, and return them to Bridgehaven.

They should be returned on Sunday, February 4 with any change, bills or checks to financially support the  ministry. Please remember to pray for Bridgehaven when you see the baby bottle in your home. Cover the ministry in prayer as it reaches out and ministers to women and men before, during and after pregnancy, particularly unintended pregnancies. You can also support the ministry by donating to and shopping at Treasures Quality Resale Shoppe. You can learn more about Treasures at