Bright Spots for Your Wednesday

Brighten up your Wednesday!
I hope your Wednesday is filled with rays of hope! Enjoy the bright spots below and see you on Sunday ~ JenniferG SQUARED – “I was so excited last evening.  We had 10 adults, 2 grade school kids, and 3 toddlers in strollers on our G2 walk.  We trekked until dusk on a trail.”  ~ Leader: Deb Steinbaker

On-Call Hospitality Team – “Thank you to the On-Call Hospitality Team who have shared their kindness and support for grieving families many times in the last few weeks.  If you would like to be a part of this compassionate team, contact Jennifer in the church office ( Thanks!”
Leader: Nanci Iiams

“In August, our church hosted a family in partnership with Family Promise. Approximately 40 volunteers from Cedar Hills helped and got to know this family, who had been working for a long time to get their 15-year-old daughter Sara back to them.  Well, I wanted to pass along the great news that Sara is finally back with her family!  Your prayers for Sara and her family were very much appreciated!  Praise God!!”
Leader: Bruce Boldt

Children & Family Ministry Bright Spots: from Director: Kyle French

  • Grace TeBockhorst, Faith Drzycimski and Brock Corrigan have been fantastic at setting a good example and helping out as 4th grade helpers during Explorer’s Children’s Worship.
  • Bree and Kara Van Genderen are incredible women of God and have a deep passion for teaching and caring for the children of the church!
  • Jeanette Van Genderen has done a fantastic job leading the Women’s Revival ministry, and encouraged to see how God will use it for his glory!
  • Mary Landhuis, Deb DeHaan, Karly Barnard (and their other helpers) are an incredible team and the preschoolers are truly blessed by their investment, creativity and passion to help them in their young walks with Christ!
  • The Mills, Baughans and Ungs have been an incredible resource and leaders for the Parenting Community, the ministry is thriving as they live out the Lord’s calling for the ministry.

If you are interested in helping in any of these ministries or have questions: email the church office: or call 319-396-6608 and ask for Jennifer.