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“How do you see your home?” Quick Question Results

For Sunday, May 21, we asked the question in the Cedar Hills app, “How do you see your home? As a sanctuary to stay safe from the world? Or as a tool to reach out to the world?”  Here are the results:

This was followed by an inspiring message from Brett Erickson of Safe Families on Biblical Hospitality.  To listen to this message online, visit or listen on iTunes.

“Lent” App Question Results

For the week of 3/5/12, we asked the question, “Are you giving up or adding on something for Lent?” As always, the response was big! Thank you for answering the “Quick Question” of the week in the Cedar Hills app.   Here are the results:

For those who said “yes” and gave a typed answer, here are some of our favorite responses:

Giving up:

Using my phone while I’m with my kids.
Clutter – getting rid of a bag a day.
Gave up sweets.
Worry and Fear.

Adding on:

More scripture and prayer time.
Added devotions daily!
Taking on reading the daily devotional series.
Giving up not forgiving myself for past mistakes.
Adding on that God and Jesus loves and forgives me no matter what.