The Cedar Chips Newsletter

September 2022

Like Jesus
by Kent Landhuis

“Whoever claims to live in Jesus must live as Jesus did” (1 John 2:6).  I wonder if, as the world watches us, they can tell when we sound and look and live like Jesus?… READ MORE

Little Lights
by Leah Carolan

The more I get into Scripture the more the fake versions of Jesus I have held in my head slowly get melted away. I just finished up another journey through the Bible and the last thing that caught my attention was in the final scenes of John’s revelation where we are told there is no longer a need for the sun, moon, or stars because Jesus is our light… READ MORE

If You Teach It, They Will Listen
by Lindsey Ungs

My fourth grader has been sitting in service with us since he aged out of Children’s Church. I knew he had the ability to sit that long, but I wondered how well he would listen to the teaching. I found out Sunday afternoon… READ MORE