The Cedar Chips Newsletter

March 2023
Lent Edition

by Kent Landhuis

Nobody likes pain. A splinter makes us flinch. Sickness brings misery. Broken relationships hurt. Losing a loved one breaks our hearts. Pain comes in many ways but our reaction is always the same – we want to avoid it… READ MORE

Turning Off My Cell Phone And Logging Out Of Facebook During Lent
by Steve Poole

Growing up, Lent was not a part of my faith experience. It was not a tradition really practiced in my church or my family. Actually, if I am honest, I probably even felt judgmental about it… READ MORE

Puke and Friendship
by Lindsey Ungs

I got puked on recently by a child in our Children’s Worship Class… I know it was meant to be because I was filling in for someone else that dayREAD MORE

“Hey YOU! Be Quiet And Calm Down”
by Leah Carolan

Back in my seminary days I had to take an introductory class on the spiritual disciplines.  We followed a well-known book by Richard Foster on the different disciplines called “Celebration of Discipline.  It was a great eye-opening class on the different disciplines Christians can and should undertake and the ways each discipline invites us into a deeper faith... READ MORE

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