Wednesday Prayer Meetings

In light of what is happening in our country regarding racial injustice, we are reminded once again that this issue NEEDs honest, humble, discussion and fervent prayer.  So our prayer meeting tonight at 6:30pm will be a place to listen to each other and share our experiences and feelings regarding racial injustice in our country.  We will also be praying for justice, peace and safety.  Unity in Christ is a reoccurring theme of Ephesians—that two people are made one in Christ.  This is God’s call for our church.

To join the Zoom meeting, here are the details:…

Meeting ID: 759 704 0453
Password: Cedarhills

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, it is an app that allows people to “gather” in one space – being able to interact and see each other in little boxes on their screens.  The app detects noise, and automatically jumps to the person who is speaking.  Because of this, background noise often disrupts the app. The best tip we’ve learned so far is to choose to ‘mute’ your microphone until you want to engage with the group.

Zoom works on most mobile devices and also computers.