Consistory Governance

The Consistory is the governing board that leads our congregation. We govern by writing policies to keep us on mission. We exist so that people will grow in their love for God (Love). We exist so that people will grow in their faith in Jesus Christ (Grow).  We exist so that people will grow in their love for each other (Serve). We exist so that people will find hope through faith in Jesus Christ (Seek).

Culture is not something we usually think about. It’s like water to a fish or air to a bird. It’s simply the environment we live in. Culture is one of the most important factors driving an organization. Unhealthy cultures produce bad results. Healthy cultures produce good results.

Webster defines culture as “the predominating attitudes, values, and behaviors that characterize the functioning of a group or organization.” In this sense, culture in inescapable. You can’t not have a culture, and every culture is either healthy, unhealthy, or somewhere in between. Our calling as a Consistory is to build a God-honoring, Christ-centered, grace-filled, biblically sound, kingdom-focused congregation. This culture will be healthy and result in these kinds of fruit:

  • Real Community. Everyone matters. Everyone belongs. Everyone contributes. Together is better.
  • Speaking the truth in love. Truth is not hoarded but shared.
  • Great teams. The right people serving in the right places at the right time.
  • Passionate. Everyone is free to follow God’s calling which results in passion.
  • Grace-full, grateful and generous. We are blessed to be a blessing!

What would you add to this list? Share your suggestion with any consistory member or staff.

Pray for us as we seek to build a kingdom culture.