Food Pantry Receives $500 gift

We are excited to announce the addition of two new wire basket carts on wheels for the distribution of bread in our Open Hands Food Pantry!

The pantry regularly receives donations of bread from local Hy-Vee stores.  Until now, the bread has stored in boxes in the pantry and had to be unpacked and placed on tables every time the pantry opened.  The two new carts allow volunteer to both display and store the bread more efficiently and allow food pantry patrons easier access to bread and perishable donations.

This is due to a generous gift from Jeff Bezos to Feeding America, with $500 of that gift directed to us through HACAP.

The Open Hands Food Pantry is remaining open during the COVID-19.   We’ve temporarily adapted the hours to Mondays 5-6pm, and Wednesdays 10am-12pm.  Visitors to the pantry can visit once per calendar month.