Grow the Good – Day 2

 Day 2

So when the name of Jesus is spoken, everyone in heaven and on earth and under the earth will bow down before Him. And every tongue will say Jesus Christ is Lord. Everyone will give honor to God the Father.” Phil. 2:10-11

“Every tongue will say that Jesus Christ is Lord.”  What a glorious day that will be!  At Cedar Hills, our goal is to spread the gospel and make disciples as Jesus told us to do in Matthew 28.  We believe that the church facility is an essential component of the ministries and missions at Cedar Hills.  Our vision is that people will go out every day to “Grow the Good” and make disciples in the everyday stuff of life.

Our facility will be 15 years old next year.  In that 15 years, our building has been used for good by the church and our community. We have approximately 50 active groups and ministries within Cedar Hills. In addition to our church ministries, several community groups use the facility daily, including the Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Alcoholics Anonymous, Family Promise and many others.

We will be inviting you to join us in a capital campaign with a commitment to refresh our space, replace outdated equipment, and reduce our current debt. As you begin to hear about this campaign, please pray that we can be a light in our community, a haven for the weary, and a place to refresh ourselves as we go forth to make disciples.  Pray for the ministries that serve others.  Pray for the growth of families who love Jesus.  Pray for God to use His people, His Church, to “Grow the Good” and bring our community to Christ.

Dear Father,

Thank You for the land here on the corner of E Ave and Stoney Point. Thank You for Your building where we can provide services for our community. Thank You that we can serve You and reach out to others so that we may see the day when “every tongue will say that Jesus Christ is Lord.”  Amen.

-Spiritual Life Committee