Grow the Good – Day 20

Day 20

“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and power to do what pleases Him.” Phil. 2:13

Sometimes we worry and fret thinking we aren’t doing enough for God.  Paul reveals a secret to us in the verse referenced above. God provides special gifts, once you surrender to His Son.

Paul knew what he was talking about. He had been a self-righteous crusader, doing angry and violent acts in an attempt to please God.  As a result, Christians were persecuted and killed.  All this was done under his power, self-effort and pride. Then he met Christ.

Paul, employing his own strength and determination, met Jesus and was blinded.  As Ananias prayed for him, God did above and beyond what Paul expected.  As his physical sight returned, his spiritual insight was totally readjusted.  He began a whole new life, trudging the dusty roads, proclaiming the truth he lived. He no longer fulfilled God’s plan according to Paul’s own interpretation. He knew without question the road he traveled and the life he lived was aligned with God’s plan and purpose for him.

The life he lived and the things he did came from a source other than his own desire.  God was working in him, giving desires that were no longer his own. Things he never thought of doing before were now at the top of his agenda.  More amazing still, God gave him the power to succeed at those things that God had placed in his heart and mind to do.  God still does this miraculous thing for us. Lean into God’s love.

Dearest Father,

In Your wisdom and love, You know that I am dust and on my own I can do nothing that would please You.  Take away the worry and fretting I do when I feel I am not enough. Allow me to live in the truth of Your marvelous, gracious gift described in the verse above.   Thank You so much. Amen.

  • Joanne Lodge