Grow the Good – Day 33

Day 33

“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you not only look to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Phil. 2:3-4

I was walking Dozer, my dog, one evening and a young woman rode past us on her bicycle. As she was passing, her cell phone leapt off its rest and fell to the ground close to us. Dozer enthusiastically ran over and jumped on her, tongue out, joyful that someone had stopped to pay him attention. We laughed and she petted him while tears welled up in her eyes. I asked her if she wanted to talk and her story came rushing out. She had been staying in a homeless shelter and the women there were bullying her. They took her clothes and pushed her around, so she collected everything and ran. Prior to that she had been in an abusive situation and had run from that too, living under a bridge for a while. She didn’t know where she would be sleeping that night, but had another shelter in mind and was hurrying to get there before they closed. I prayed with her for safety and her future. Her name is Rose. I haven’t seen Rose since. I have seen other Roses – in the shelters, walking past the house, delighting in receiving a hand knit hat at Halloween just before winter. For the efforts, I’ve received smiles and laughter and a “Thank You” written on the back of a random piece of paper, left at my door last winter.

There have been many times when my running and confusion from life’s unfairness has been the focus of all I had. I had nothing to give. I was empty. I didn’t think at the time I had much to be grateful for. Then someone gave me a car, so I could go to work and take care of my family and that, I realize now, was a turning point in realizing I am so fully blessed. Years later, God planted me in my home. It has everything I prayed for except a little pasture and barn. He put me dead center of where He needed the light to shine for the Roses that He had gifts for.

Father, I love You. Thank You for the insight. Thank You for the challenges. Thank You for always providing exactly what I needed if not everything I wanted.  Walking through the valleys have made the mountains sweeter.  In Jesus name, Amen.

-Deveri Johnson