Journey 2017

Welcome to 2017!! In this new year the Journey student ministry has decided to take big steps in living out their faith. Come check out the student ministry hallway and room and see the different ways we are connecting with the community. In the hallway we have a map of the corridor with markers where we live, work, go to school, and just do life. These are our impact zones each and every week. Inside the Journey room we have a pathway wall that will have footprints on it. Each footprint represents a conversation we have had with someone about Jesus.

The third and final aspect we are adding to our Journey room is called a Cause Circle. This circle includes three separate parts. Part one is to pray for our friends who do not know Jesus, part two is to pursue them in a friendship, part three is to persuade them with the truth of the Gospel. Each week we will post names of our friends that we are engaging in each of the three areas. At the end of each Sunday night, our students will join around this Cause Circle and pray for all the names around the circle.

Please take time this year to pray for our students as they engage Cedar Rapids with the truth of the gospel of Jesus!!

~ Jeremy Van Genderen
Director of Youth and Young Adults