Lavender Springs Spa – success!

Lavender Springs Spa retreat was enjoyed by approximately 40 women at Cedar Hills on Saturday, February 11th.  The program consisted of rest and revival through the use of the Psalms.  There were six sessions, each one concentrating on the different types of psalms: psalms of praise (Psalm 96, 104, etc) psalms of lament (Psalm 13, 27, etc) and so on.

During each session we were asked to write a word or phrase, on the white plastic sheeting, that applied to that type of psalm,. For example, for psalms of wisdom we drew a heart in orange and put a word of truth about ourselves in it.  In a couple sessions the words we were asked to write words in brown or black, such as guilt or fear etc., depending on the psalms we were studying.  In the last session while reading Psalm 136 aloud and having circled around the white plastic sheeting, a couple volunteers wiped off all the “bad” words, illustrating that Jesus wipes out all the bad and leaves just the good.

Also as part of each session the participants enjoyed singing songs, all of which were based on the psalms.  The program was well received and well done.