The Gospel According to Legos

The Gospel According to Legos Everyone knows about the ubiquitous plastic building blocks called “Legos.” Invented by a carpenter in Denmark, “Legos” comes from a Danish phrase that means “play well.” Since the 1950’s, 600 billion Lego parts have been manufactured.

So what do Legos have to do with the gospel of salvation?

The interlocking toy bricks are created for one purpose only—to interlock! They are meant to be snapped together into a magnificent construction. A pile of loose blocks is useless and impresses no one. Unattached bricks scream, “Build me into something great!”

God created human beings for a similar purpose. According to the creation story in Genesis, we are meant to be connected in supportive families and communities. God is fitting us together to create something amazing. And though selfishness and egoism now infect the world to break us apart, God is the master builder who patiently works to repair his broken creation.

The gospel can’t be reduced to “pie in the sky bye and bye.” And though it begins with the forgiveness of sins, the plan of salvation goes further. God so loved his lost and scattered “Legos” (you and me), that He gave His only Son to re-assemble us into a glorious construction known as the family of God, or the body of Christ, or the temple of the Spirit.

This is good news. On the cross, Jesus atoned for the self-centered pride that blocks compassion and destroys unity. He calls us to repent and welcome the gift of his new creation, to be the peace-making, interlocking community that reflects the image of God.

~ Alan Crandall
Pastor of Care