I remember a sermon from years ago that taught about spiritual breathing. I’m not sure why this sermon stuck with me, maybe it was the visual aide of breathing. “Breathe in,” the preacher said. “Hold it…now breathe out.”

“Do it again,” he urged, “in with the good air. Out with the bad air.”

He then shifted to the topic of spiritual breathing.

“Breathe the Spirit in, breathe selfishness out. Breathe God’s goodness in, breathe out worry and stress. Breathe in forgiveness, breathe out sin.”

Our recent reflections on the Sabbath have rekindled my interest in spiritual breathing. I find myself at various times throughout the day, taking a few moments to focus on my breathing. I am not thinking only about breathing air deeply in and
out of my lungs, I am also thinking about breathing in step with God’s Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-26)

Hopefully you have started to take baby steps toward Sabbath:

  • Step #1: Name the truth—24/7 is not sustainable.
  • Step #2: Admit – I need a stop day.
  • Step #3: Identify your Sabbath day.
  • Step #4: Make one change on that day. (Stop something or add something)
  • Step #5: Grow your Sabbath rhythm.

If you have not yet started—start today. It is as important as breathing. Breathe in. Hold it… breathe out. Ahhhh!

The Lord be with you,
Pastor Kent