App Contest Winners

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who downloaded the updated Cedar Hills app and submitted the ‘secret app contest’ form. Your feedback was very helpful in letting us know how the app gets used the most and which features you find the most useful.  Some of you offered great suggestions that we may be implementing here in the next few weeks.

The Winners

And now… for the winners, chosen at random from all the responses!  They will each receive a $5 gift card from a few local retailers.
1. Larry P.
2. Randy W.
3. Jim T.
4. Jenni H.
5. Gary M.
6. Allison J.
7. Ben D.
8. Marcia B.
9. Candi D.
10. Sheri S.

The Stats

And if you enjoy stats, here’s what we learned about how the app gets most used:

Update Your App

Have you updated to the new Cedar Hills app? If not, download it today.