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Newly Marrieds Community

Newly Marrieds Community – Register now

Sundays at 9:45am

An authentic community for newly married couples (married around 5 years or less!)  who desire to be infused with the life of Christ as we grow in our marriage relationships and support one another in the group with grace and truth.

Childcare for all ages upon request.

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Lake Failure is Filled By Pride

Lake Failure is Filled By Pride

Tim Keller says, “If our identity is in our work, rather than Christ, success will go to our heads, and failure will go to our hearts.”

This is where I find myself frequently. With a heart that’s carrying some new failure. The failure might be a conversation turned sour, a connection that didn’t get made, or a message that wasn’t shared clearly.

After reading Keller’s quote last week, I began to realize just how much I still find my identity in things on this earth. As I reflect on the “failures” or the less than perfect way I carry out my ministry, I find that I let the failures weigh too heavily on my heart.

Then my heart starts to wonder about what might be a failure versus what might be a sin.

Separating actual sin from felt failures is a hurdle when I’m carrying burdens instead of letting God handle them.

So is there a sin somewhere in the mix of my failures? If there is, then I need to deal with that directly by naming the specific sin and asking for forgiveness. As my coworker pointed out after reading this article, the specific sin would be pride.

The root of me agonizing over the failures is found in my pride. When something goes right, I want to take all the credit. But when something turns out less than perfect, as things tend to do on earth, I feel the weight of that burden heavily. Primarily, because I look to myself instead of Christ.

When I have my identity rightly placed, both the failures and the successes are in God’s hands. As my coworker suggested, “I can rejoice in both, because they are both from God.”

My focus then, is to ask forgiveness for my pride.

As for my carrying around “failures,” this has to be remedied in moving my identity from my work to Christ. This process is going to take a while.

Lindsey Ungs
Connection & Communication Architect

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The Wisdom Pyramid – Class Beginning June 6

The Wisdom Pyramid – Register now.

Do you have all the answers or are you looking for a few still? Where do you seek wisdom from regarding major life issues?

Starting Sunday, June 6 at 9:45am, a new class will begin.  In this class, we will walk through the book The Wisdom Pyramid by Brett McCracken. Ben and Melissa Harkness will lead us through the wisdom seeking process in a Post-Truth World.

Childcare available for all ages upon request.

Register now.

Maundy Thursday Worship

Maundy Thursday Worship
Thursday, April 1 at 6:30pm

As part of Holy Week, we will celebrate the Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples by taking communion together, retelling the story of Jesus’ betrayal and his death on the cross.
This service will run approximately 40 minutes and will be at Cedar Hills Community Church in the Worship Center. It will also be live on Facebook for those unable to attend in person.
Cedar Hills is located next door to Cherry Hill Park on the west side of Cedar Rapids at the corner of E Ave NW and Stoney Point Rd.
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Removal of Intimidation and Fear

Removal of Intimidation and Fear

Walking in for the first time, anxiety can quickly sweep over you. Your breath quickens, your heart races, and you keep your head down so as to not make eye contact with anyone.

This is how I enter new places. Before I go anywhere new I look them up online. I want to see the place before I ever go near it. I want to become familiar with the surroundings, the products, the food, the expectations—anything I can to feel comfortable and informed when I walk in for the first time.

But all the research in the world doesn’t take away every hint of fear. When I arrive I become dependent on a greeter, a clerk, a waitress, a host to point me in the right direction, to give me the next step in a line of expectations.

When I was in seminary in Canada, there were subtle differences I learned about the culture of my new town that often caught me off guard. My new town in the remote prairies of Saskatchewan took their shoes off EVERYWHERE. It was the strangest thing.  Even a trip to the chiropractor involved taking your shoes off at the door and placing them on a little rack. You would enter the office in your socks. In the summer if you were wearing flip flops, you would remember to bring a pair of socks so that you wouldn’t enter barefoot. I was happy to go places with my new seminary friends who could point out these things to me. I could have insulted many had I not known! I definitely was not prepared for the small confrontations when I missed subtle social cues like the shoe removals. I wrongly entered many places with my shoes on to the horror of any onlookers.

At one of my very first visits to a house in Canada, my worship professor who had spent time in U.S., showed me the best possible hospitality I can remember. I entered their house and they quickly pointed out the next steps: “You can hang your coat here. Shoes can be placed over here. If you need a pair of socks, we have some extras right here. When you’re all done, we’re gathering in the living room. Just find a spot on the couches and we’ll start with some light conversation before dinner.”

Their directions weren’t given in a military state of ‘do this and do that,’ but just a gentle guide to help me find comfort in their home. With a few opening comments, I knew what was expected of me.

As an introvert (and in case you didn’t know this about me, I score about as far over on the introvert scale as possible!) these kind directions removed a great deal of fear from my visit to their home. I was welcomed, received, and informed.

Every Sunday we have the possibility of welcoming, receiving and informing others in our midst. We do this because God has extended us the same invitation: We are welcome in His house, we are received in gentleness, and His Word makes it clear what expectations He has of us. At first God seems intimidating, but as we get to know Him, that intimidation is removed and comfort replaces it.

But what a big hurtle fear can be in the process! But as God has welcomed us, we get the supreme privilege of welcoming others in His name.

Leah Carolan
Director of Worship & Media


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Nursery Volunteers

We love kids and we love our volunteers who have a heart for serving our children.  If this is you, serving in the nursery might be a good fit for your unique gifts and talents.

Our volunteers can serve as little as once a month (or more if they it that much!).  There are two shifts on a Sunday morning that cover both the Sunday classes hour and the 2nd worship service, with wraparound care about 10 minutes before and after each to give parents time to arrive and get settled.

For more information, contact Hailey Griffin, the Nursery Coordinator using the form below.

Summer Camp Details – Lake View


We know camps fill up fast, so if you’re making summer plans –Don’t forget about summer camp! Registration is open – save your spot now! Lake View Camp offers day camps, overnight camps, service opportunities, and grandparent/grandchild camps. More information and registration is available at  Fun, faith, friends – it’s all waiting for you at camp this summer!


Lake View is hiring! See more here. Open to college students or young adults (at least one year out of college).  If you are interested in spending your summer serving God at camp, let them know!

Pandemic Recovery Group


Come explore calm, joy, resilience and connection in these troubled times. A small group focused on understanding ourselves, each other, and the times in which we live so that  we can discover hope.

This group will meet on Sunday evenings beginning April 11, at 6:00PM. This Six-week support group will discuss fear, grief, loss, connection, and flourishing.

Facilitators will be Pastor Kent and Gary Sager.