Bright Spot – Food Pantry Moment

We’ve witnessed many bright spots this week in how neighbors are reaching out to neighbors.  This beautiful scene happened during the Food Pantry Drive Up this morning.  A food pantry visitor’s car had died in the drive up lane and another visitor immediately rushed to help and give the car battery a jump.

The Open Hands Food Pantry has remained open in the midst of many closings around us.  Volunteers are working tirelessly to meet our pantry guests with our new ‘drive-up’ pantry regimen while maintaining regular pantry hours.  Visitors remain in their cars while a pantry volunteer walks out to meet them and get their information.  Other volunteers rush back to the pantry to load the shopping carts with bags of food to be delivered straight to our pantry visitor’s cars.  It has been a beautiful system and helps to limit exposure to any potential COVID-19 concerns.

The need for food and assistance is great in these times! Thank you to our volunteers for stepping up their game and keeping the pantry open!