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Where Are You Today?

Have you ever had a season where the Christian journey is fascinating and awe-filled? When God seems to step-in in the biggest way possible and intervene at just the right moment with an awesome answer to prayer, a miracle, a deep revelation of something in His Word, or the advice from a friend at just the right time that somehow just ‘clicked’ in your brain?

Have you ever had a God sighting? A moment where something supernatural took place and you are not even sure how to describe it? And you’re not even sure you want to share it because you think those around you might think you’re crazy or not truly understand what just happened to you?

Have you ever had a season where the Christian life seemed kind of hum-drum? Where you go about your regular routine but there are no significant God sightings, no huge moments of revelation, nothing new that strikes you in the Word? When prayer seems dull, and God’s voice seems silent or a little too quiet? And life just seemed to drag on and on and on without anything happening?

Have you ever wanted and needed so desperately to hear from God and for Him to intervene and yet He seems silent? And you wonder to yourself, “Maybe this time He won’t answer even though He’s answered so many times before?” When life seems hopeless, but you cry out for help anyway? And you cannot find a way out, but you hold a glimmer of hope that maybe God has a way out? But he’s not moving when you NEED Him to move?

Have you ever just been content with your Christian life. You have no expectations of God doing anything miraculous, but you enjoy His Word and prayer, and fellowship with other Christians, but have zero expectations that there could or should be something more than this?

Just curious. Where are you today?

Leah Carolan
Director of Worship & Media

At the Foot of the Cross

At The Foot Of The Cross
By Kathryn Scott; © 2003 Integrity Worship Music (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing (IMI)); 

At the foot of the cross
where grace and suffering meet,
You have shown me Your love
through the judgment You received.
And You’ve won my heart.

Now I can
trade these ashes in for beauty
and wear forgiveness like a crown.
Coming to kiss the feet of Mercy,
I lay every burden down
at the foot of the cross.

At the foot of the cross
where I am made complete,
You have given me life
through the death You bore for me.
And You’ve won my heart.

For the season of Lent, we’re again coming back to the foot of the cross. We are reminded that from ashes we came and to ashes we will return. We are reminded that the mystery of our faith roots heavily in the actions of Jesus on the cross. So, for Lent, we are revisiting the stations of the cross on Wednesday nights, beginning March 1, Ash Wednesday. These are nights for the entire family, so we’re expanding the ages of the All Stars for Jesus Program to include children ages 3 yrs to 5th grade so parents can come, enjoy a meal with their children, and then attend the services while their children are back in All Stars. These services are also a quiet time of reflection for all of us—to refocus our hearts again on the cross and the sacrifice of Jesus that draws us into the heart of God.

~ Leah Carolan
Director of Worship