Dare 2 Share



Dare2Share LIVE is an international youth event focused on training teenagers in evangelism and discipleship. The core of their strategy first is to make sure that teens know and understand the essentials of the gospel so that they can share it clearly.  Please, ask one of our teens who attended what G.O.S.P.E.L. stands for!

Once students know the gospel, Dare2Share strategy continues with Prayer, Care, Share.  Pray for your unsaved friends and family.  Show the power of the gospel by caring for others well.  Finally, boldly have gospel conversations.

Along with training this past weekend, October 10-11, our group CARED for our community well by distributing free produce to our neighbors on D Ave, and cleaning the ditches along E Ave.  We didn’t find “everything and the kitchen sink” in those ditches, it was a bathroom sink! 🙂




Steve Poole
Director of Youth & Young Adults




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