Grow the Good – Day 16

Day 16

“I thank my God every time I remember you.  In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” Phil. 1:3-5

Most people would agree that the Apostle Paul was a truly Godly man, but we know from the Bible that he wasn’t always as positive about all the churches that he planted as he was about the Philippian church. Looking back over my own life, there are people that I remember, but I wouldn’t say that I necessarily give thanks for them.

For example, during my freshman year in high school, I was shy and skinny and kind of a nerd.  There was a sophomore in my PE class (Troy) who thought that he was hot stuff at soccer, until this nerdy kid (me) scored a goal on him during PE.  Nerdy kids are not supposed to score goals on hot stuff kids, so from then on, he always wanted to fight me after school.  Thank goodness that I rode a different bus home from school than he did!  I definitely remember Troy, but I can’t honestly say that I give thanks for him!

Fast forward to today…I have great (and positive) memories of Cedar Hills, even though I have only attended here for about 10 years.  I thank God for the Biblical teaching that is our foundation.  I thank God for the wonderful friends that I have made in Sunday School and in my small groups.  I thank God for the great worship experiences each week and the mountaintop worship on Christmas Eve.  I thank God for the Lenten meals and meditations that lead to Easter.  And mostly, I thank God that He continues to use Cedar Hills to truly Grow the Good that He wants us to do.

Dear God,

Thank You for Your continued guidance and blessings to Cedar Hills, as we strive daily to do Your will.  We thankfully remember those people who have positively influenced our lives toward Jesus. Please give us the strength and courage to continue Your mission to grow the good that You have started.  Amen. 

-Gary Mills