Just a song… and a prayer

Dwell in Me

By Robert D. Wells; © 1995 Tennessee Music & Printing Company (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.) CCLI License # 648382

In the center of my heart
there is a place
that’s reserved for Christ,
the Savior,
Lord of grace.
There is no other master
worthy of this place.
Rule my life,
reign in my heart,
dwell in me.
Dwell in me.
Dwell in me.
Let my heart be Your throne room.
Dwell in me.
In prayer and praise and service
I give myself to Thee,
God of Heaven,
Lord of my life.
Dwell in me.
Other interests often cloud
my mind and days,
cares of life come crashing
through in many ways.
But Lord, within my heart,
I hold You close always.
Now and ever,
You are master.
Dwell in me.

As we continue in this season of dwelling in the Word, may Jesus come and dwell in each one of us as Savior, Lord and Master. There truly is none other worthy of our hearts.

Director of Worship and Media