Lent: The Road Marked With Suffering

Each year for the season of Lent, we add additional mid-week worship services.  The services begin Wednesday, Feb. 14 on Ash Wednesday and continue until Easter.  A meal is served prior to the services 5:15-6:15, and the services are a short 30 minute reflection 6:30-7pm.  On Ash Wednesday we will receive the traditional mark of ash upon the forehead in the service.

The children’s program, All Stars For Jesus, continues through the season. Families can come and enjoy a meal together before sending their children to All Stars and attending the service. Both All Stars and the service will conclude at the same time.

“Marked with Suffering” – Jesus last words on the cross are our focus this season of Lent. Come, join us for a short reflective service of worship and a message.

The week of Maundy Thursday (March 29), the service will be on Thursday rather than Wednesday.