Planting Seeds of Hospitality

Planting Seeds of Hospitality

Hospitality has been extended to me and I’d like to describe it to you.

Imagine sitting in a garden surrounded by beauty. Everywhere you look there is a new type of flower or plant to take in. Also, in this garden is a flowing waterfall with ponds that reflect the setting sun. The sound of it is relaxing and draws you in.

Beside you is a friend. A person that wants to listen and hear what’s on your heart. A friend that has made time for you. They are happy to listen and encourage you on your journey. This friend both affirms you and provides direction as needed.

This setting exists. It exists in the front and backyard of the Landhuis house. I find myself drawn in, cared for, listened to, affirmed, and receiving wisdom whenever I go there.

This is a picture of hospitality. The kind of offering we can provide to others. For some the setting will be a bustling coffee shop or a front porch restoration project. For others a simple walk in the park will give the encouragement needed to get through another day.

At Cedar Hills we are the kind of people that offer hospitality using whatever gifts have been made available to us.

Lindsey Ungs
Connection & Communication Architect

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