Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

Yesterday I complimented my neighbor on his beautiful garden and noted that I had never seen such a large cabbage. He immediately launched into the fine quality compost he picked up for free from the city’s yard waste disposal site and how he tops off his garden with this stuff every couple of years. (I already knew this.)

In the hope of discovering something new I asked him, “How did you start gardening?”

He answered my question by talking about his wife. She grew up on a farm and she was the real gardener. (I did not know this.) I asked a couple of follow-up questions and he might have talked to me all day but my restless dog pulled me away.

As I walked away two thoughts struck me. 1. A little curiosity goes a long way. 2. My neighbors love to chat. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for almost three decades and I am still discovering new tidbits about my neighbors.

Good hospitality starts with a little curiosity and a listening ear. Maybe you could test out my theory. Strike up a conversation with someone new, be curious, and listen. I imagine that this kind of hospitality will open the door to deeper love of God and neighbor. Let me know how it goes.


PS This is not my neighbor and not his cabbage but if you saw a giant cabbage wouldn’t you want to know more??

Kent Landhuis
Pastor of Teaching & Leadership

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