Summer Camp Details!

In case you missed it, Lake View Camps came and shared this past Sunday as our monthly missions update.  As one of our mission partners, we love supporting Lake View and are excited to help send you and your family to Lake View Camps this summer. If you’d like to attend, the church will pay 1/2 the cost of your camp registration fees.  To go about the process:

  1. Print and fill out the camp registration from at or pick one up at church. (Registration Brochure)
  2. Return the form to the church office along with a check for 1/2 the payment.
  3. We’ll add another check to the registration and mail it to the camp.

There are camps all summer long and tons of options to choose from – even grandparent/grandchild camp! Be sure to check them out.  There are some deadlines to get the best deal on registration fees, so don’t delay!