What Happened to Stephen

What Happened to Stephen?

The preacher Charles Spurgeon said that the goal of salvation is not just getting our souls to heaven (someday) but getting heaven into our souls (right now). In a similar vein, C.S. Lewis wrote that belonging to Christ means more than pie in the sky by and by. It means we are becoming “little Christs,“ transformed day-by-day to be like Jesus.

This is what happened to a Christ-follower named Stephen. His story is told in Acts 6-7. At the end of the story, Stephen was banished from this life by spiteful foes and welcomed into heaven by a loving Jesus. But even more fantastic is what happened before Stephen died. He got heaven into his soul. He became a little Christ!
Stephen‘s life was remarkably like Jesus—

 He was full of faith and the Holy Spirit.
 He channeled God’s healing power to the
 He glowed with joy and enthusiasm.
 He opposed bigotry with God’s unlimited
 When persecuted, he forgave his enemies.
 When facing death, he entrusted himself to
 He gave his life as a ransom for others.

What a miracle of grace! Not just life after death, but a new life before death. Someday we will all be with Christ in heaven. In the meantime, Jesus has another gift for us. Are you becoming a little Christ?

~ Alan Crandall
Pastor of Care

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