Something Big is Coming

Can I tell you how excited I am for this Fall? We have discerned a direction for us as a church to take in spreading the Gospel in a unique, uncomplicated, change-bearing, simple, and time-sensitive way that I think has huge potential for changing the life of our Body! But… I can’t tell you what it is yet. 🙂

Over these last few months I’ve been asking myself, “Where am I already spending time and what kind of impact can I make?” I’m not going to lie—life as a mom called to full-time ministry is stressing me out. I am constantly torn between work and home life, getting everyone where they need to be, feeding them enough to keep them alive, and providing a living habitat that is at least ‘somewhat’ clean, and safe. And that’s all I can muster. Have you ever had seasons like that?

I’ve been reminded again and again that these days are short, that they’ll be grown up and self-sufficient in no time (and come with a whole new set of problems! Ha!) and then I’ll reflect back on these days and long for them. Sounds good, but what do I do while I wait for this lesser-messy life to happen? Can I make a Gospel impact in this mess I’m in right now?

I’ve discovered that every day, for 10 minutes, I am at our daycare. I walk the boys in, chit chat with their teachers, and walk out. In those 10 minutes, I have a real opportunity to be a witness to the 8 staff of our daycare. I can ask questions, see what’s going on in their lives, make friends of them, and discover their needs. I am intentionally getting to know these ladies with the goal of bringing the Gospel to them. I am committed to get to know them and to help them know Jesus.

This Fall—YOU TOO! will get to bring the Gospel uniquely into some place you already spend time. You will make a difference in ways you didn’t know how! Even if you don’t know where that is yet!

~ Leah
Director of Worship & Media