Calling All Enneagram 7’s

Calling All Enneagram 7’s

One of the places I struggle the most with authenticity is being authentic with myself. I’m a 7 on the Enneagram personality test.

When I am at my best the test says I can “assimilate experiences in depth, becoming deeply grateful and appreciative for what I have. Become awed by the simple wonders of life: joyous and ecstatic. Intimations of spiritual reality, of the boundless goodness of life.”

However, when I am unhealthy I can “Get into conspicuous consumption and all forms of excess. Self-centered, materialistic, and greedy, never feeling that I have enough. Demanding and pushy, yet unsatisfied and jaded. Addictive, hardened, and insensitive.”

That explains a lot.

Or worse yet I can be “Desperate to quell my anxieties, can be impulsive and infantile: do not know when to stop. Addictions and excess take their toll: debauched, depraved, dissipated escapists, offensive and abusive.”

I’ve noticed how easy it is for me to fool myself about how I’m doing mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The place I am most authentic is in my journal. I write most days of the week. It’s the first thing I turn to in the morning before my kids get up. Somehow this process of journaling allows me to suspend judgement for a bit while I pour my heart out. Then, I’m better able to get a true look at what’s going on in my heart. As an external processor it’s really the only way I can process my feelings without the help of another person. Although, my friends and spouse help me work through my heart issues often.

Back to the authentic part. If I’m not processing what’s really going on in my heart, I can easily trick myself into thinking that all is well even when it is not.

Do you ever do this? Do you ever lie to yourself about the state of things?

If you’re interested in learning more about your personality, you can take a free enneagram test: click here.

If you’re looking to get to the bottom of things, buy a journal and use it as a way to be honest with yourself and God.

Lindsey Ungs
Connection & Communication Architect

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