Consistory Term Proposal

We want a strong, healthy Consistory of spiritually mature men and women who are called and gifted to serve. We also want long-term stability and intentional development of future leaders. As part of our practice of regular review, the Consistory is exploring ways to better achieve these goals. We believe that the following proposal
will help increase our ability to serve the congregation and community by developing leaders with a greater ownership and influence.

Our current practice is 3-year terms for Elders and Deacons with the possibility of a second successive 3-year term. This practice usually results in the turnover of one third of the Consistory every year which impairs continuity.
In light of the current needs our congregation and community, we recommend flexible Consistory terms that begin as they do currently with a 3-year commitment but then can be extended one year at a time for up to five more years. This will allow adequate time to discover the roles and responsibilities involved with Consistory leadership
while also giving additional years to grow as leaders. Continued service on the Consistory will be by mutual agreement of the board member and the Consistory with the opportunity to recommit for one year at a time until five additional years have been served.

Flexible terms that create room for longer terms allow gifted, called, and passionate leaders to keep serving. Since new Consistory members face a steep learning curve, it is poor stewardship to expend significant efforts to develop board leadership only to lose the benefit because of term limits. Effectiveness is reduced even more with frequent turnover when the ministry and operations of the congregation grow increasingly complex.

Here are some of the benefits of the continuity that comes with flexible terms:
1. Strengthened Consistory with time for deeper relationships.
2. Strengthened leaders with time to grow as Elders and Deacons.
3. Time off for renewal for those rotated off at the time best for them.
4. Allowance for changes in life circumstances while also making room for new leadership to emerge.

The Consistory is discerning next steps in implementing this change. We anticipate voting on this proposal at our July meeting and desire your feedback. Please share your thoughts on this proposal with any Consistory member.
Strong, healthy Consistory leadership is vital for the health of our congregation as we carry out the mission to develop leaders who make disciples in the everyday stuff of life. Maintaining the right mix of experience,  competence, and leadership qualifications among a group of spiritually mature men and women will enable
us to continue to impact our community with the gospel. Pray for wisdom as we seek God’s leading!

Respectfully submitted,
The Consistory