Family Promise Update – February 2020

Family Promise Update
Cedar Chips – February 2020

Life presents us with many things to worry about. For me, fortunately, this doesn’t include wondering where I will be living next week and where I will get food for my family. Far too often I take that blessing for granted. Many families today don’t have this stability. They feel like they are facing the world alone. They don’t have a solid support system. They are either unemployed or under employed and can’t cover the basic living expenses of food and housing for their family.

These are the homeless families that Family Promise strives to help. Family Promise is a mission that our church partners with along with 10-15 other area faith communities to provide overnight hosting four weeks per year (once a quarter). Family Promise’s goal is to help families get to a stable and sustainable living situation while keeping their family together. Over the past 18 months more than 100 people from our congregation have assisted in hosting five different families. Each of these families now has an employed parent and is in their own housing. Each of these families have unique complex situations, but we were a part of providing crucial first steps for them to develop a stable sustainable living situation.

As we host each new family, we share our faith with them through our love, fellowship, and actions. As we begin 2020, we continually focus on how we can provide a more positive impact to these families in the months and years ahead. If you have an interest in our mission, we openly welcome your involvement. If so, feel free to contact me by email or (319) 270-3547; or by catching me at church to talk about it.

BruceBruce Boldt
Family Promise Leader