Final Worship with Pastor JR

Leaders and staff praying over JR – 1st service

We were blessed to be able to pray over Pastor JR as he joined us for his final services at Cedar Hills. JR has discerned that God is calling him to something new outside the walls of a traditional church setting and we join him in prayer as he presses into God for guidance along the road ahead.

What a beautiful day of love! We were able to shower JR with gifts and letters, celebrating his time at Cedar Hills (and his love for Starbucks coffee) 😁.  Do you have pictures to share from the day? Submit them via the church app and we’ll add them to the gallery.

Thank you Pastor JR for your love, leadership and dedication. You are an amazing person and have left a strong and positive mark on our congregation that will last forever. You are in our prayers for discernment of how God wants to use you next. I’m sure it will be amazing.”

“I wish you the best in your future endeavors wherever they might lead you. God is good…all the time!!”

“Thank you for an amazing sermon Sunday. What a blessing you have been to our church! We know the Holy Spirit will guide you into your next exciting adventure. Praying for you as he leads you.”

“I am not a registered member of Cedar Hills, but have been attending off and on for the past 4 years. I want to thank you JR for helping me find a church family again.I had been searching for some time when I heard you speak at a prayer service for my niece who was put on life supports after a major heart attack She was not a member of your church, but you did it for her sister and brother in law . Your passion touched my heart, and made me feel as if perhaps your church was a place where I could feel welcomed despite my imperfections. You are truly a fisherman of all people….you have a way of reeling people back to the Lord. May he go with you on this new journey you are about to begin. And know that you have a lot of people whose lives you have touched that will be praying for you. God bless!”

In case you missed JR’s last sermon on January 28, you can listen online.