Huge New Members Class!

This Sunday we will welcome the largest class of new members in Cedar Hills history (at least that we are aware of!).  Congrats to all of our new members – and welcome to the Cedar Hills family.  This group has communicated a clear faith in Christ after meeting with our elders, and is ready to stand before the congregation and announce their faith.

New Members joining 1st Service (8:30am): Jim & Kelly Beavers; (Patty) Patricia Ann Bray; Melanie & Shaun Boots (daughter: Saydee); Ryan Dohlman; Kyle & Alisse French (daughter: Hadley); Bruce and Virginia Petrzelka (son: Adam); Richard and Marilyn Beauregard

New Members joining 2nd Service (11am):  Harriet & Gwyn Aarhus; Ryan Aarhus; Ron Alexander; Mario & Tameka Armon (Children: Cynthia Platt, Kiara and Malachi); Matthew & Shannon Constant (Children: Easton, Michael, Olivia); Debbie Erenberger; Shannon Davison & Carol Mangrich; Chad & Kylene Dunham (Daughter: Ashleigh); Trudy Greaser; Carolyn Harvey; Martha Krejci (daughter: Norah); Prince Nabuyoli & Aline Burubwa (children: Samuel & Eli & daughters Franklin and May); Franklin Nabuyoli; May Nabuyoli; Dave & Karen Roberts; Gary & Sue Sager; Travis & Tiffany Schmidt (daughter: Soraya); Hilaire Tschombe; Karl & Lindsey Ungs (children: Hansel and Nina)