Noah’s Ark – August 2019 Update

Summer School was amazing!

We had 18 kiddos who did everything from pretending to be a pirate to being in the stomach of a whale, which was kind of stinky by the way!!

Enrolling all Three-year-olds

We are now ready to focus on our 50th year of Noah’s Ark Preschool! We have openings for Tuesday and Thursday 3-year-olds for the 2019-2020 school year. If you know anyone ready to start school, send them our way. You can register online or call the office to have a packet mailed.

Orientation is August 22, 5:30-6:45 PM

All students and parents are invited to attend our Orientation Night! We’ll let the kids play in their new rooms with their teachers and the parents will attend a “Get to Know Noah’s Ark” Presentation. It is best if you have your paperwork ready to be submitted this evening, along with your first month’s tuition. Call the office if you need a packet. Contact the office for information: 319-396-3125 or email.

In God’s Grace,
Kris Crowther
Director of Noah’s Ark Preschool