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We Love Our Staff


“That a staff signifies power, is because it is a support; for it supports the hand and arm, and through them the whole body; wherefore a staff takes on the signification of the part which it immediately supports, that is, the hand and arm, by both of which in the Word is signified the power of truth.” from

We had a pretty significant change in our staff this year. Prior to this year, most staff had been here for over 10 years. This year all staff are new to Noah’s Ark except one with a partial year under her belt. Change like this can be very difficult for a preschool program, but NOT ours!

We have been incredibly blessed with new teachers that are supportive and strong and bring the truth of Jesus to our students. Our program hasn’t missed a beat this year. They have been able to adapt to a new environment and expectations.  COVID-19 changes were implemented and not one teacher complained of all the extra time and effort it took to make those guidelines work for our school. We added in the derecho and had to postpone one of our classes for a week, then start in different rooms that had to be set up/taken down every day. Nope, even then, not one complaint. School has been closed for 3 ½ weeks so far this year and they still came in to do packets and videos. They lost income due to the closures and still….no complaints.

These teachers certainly have supported our school and are an example of the ‘power of truth.’  I thank the Lord each and every day that He brought these wonderful women to Noah’s Ark Preschool. May the Lord bless and keep them always!

Kris Crowther
Director of Noah’s Ark Preschool





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    Noah’s Ark November 2020

    NOVEMBER 2020

    noah’s Ark Update

    November is a time to be thankful and a time for giving!

    Noah’s Ark is busy this month collecting food for our Food Pantry.  Noah’s Ark families have always surprised us in the abundance of food they give to the food pantry!

    We really love our rooms with the new carpet, paint and lighting. We want the church to know how thankful we are for providing us with a wonderful place to call “home”.

    Our student numbers are down this year, but we are doing everything we can to keep the doors open. One way you can help Noah’s Ark is with our quarterly Blood Drive. When we get 20 blood donors, we receive a stipend that we can use to purchase cleaning products.  As you can guess, we go through cleaning products quickly these days. The Blood Drive is November 17.  Due to COVID-19, you must make a scheduled appointment.  You can go online at:, email the Noah’s Ark office or call us at 319-396-3125.

    Kris Crowther
    Director of Noah’s Ark Preschool





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      Noah’s Ark July Update

      JULY 2020

      Welcome Hannah!

      Welcome to Hannah Pelling, our newest staff member at Noah’s Ark!

      Hannah comes to us with her BA in Elementary Education from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago IL. She recently did her student teaching at Isaac Newton Christian Academy in Cedar Rapids. She will help us with July summer school and lead our four-year-old class this fall. We love her positivity and can’t wait to share her with our students and families.

      Noah’s Ark is now in search of an assistant to work with Hannah in our four-year-olds’ classroom this fall on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Send inquiries to

      We have many COVID-19 requirements to complete in order to open school in July.  Many of the cleaning guidelines are in use at Noah’s Ark already, but we are having a difficult time purchasing a specific cleaner recommended by DHS for use in preschools. If you are out shopping and discover any spray bottles of Clorox (Anywhere Hard Surface Spray) please purchase them and Noah’s Ark will reimburse you!  It must be only this cleaner.

      Kris Crowther
      Director of Noah’s Ark Preschool





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        Noah’s Ark – June 2020 Update

        JUNE 2020

        Noah’s Ark – June 2020 Update

        We were so very fortunate to have our entire staff donate their time to deliver May Packets and Graduation Certificates (for our four-year-old class) to all of our students!  It was an incredible day, full of smiles and tears! The staff enjoyed the fact that they got to say their official “goodbyes” to our students.

        Our Good News is that July Summer School is proceeding! We have 15 students registered. There will be some major changes and challenges due to keeping our kids and staff safe during this pandemic. We are confident that we will figure a way to work around all of the obstacles and make it fun experience for all.

        We are in the process of hiring a new teacher for next year. This position is Monday through Friday, from 8:30 to noon.  If you are interested in more information, please send an email to our office.

        After being home for so long, wouldn’t you like to put a date on your calendar for something to do?  July 14th is our next Blood Drive at church.  Walk-in’s are not allowed at this time, but you can go online and sign up for a time (or do so in their app!).  You can also email the Noah’s Ark office and I’ll help you get signed up.

        Kris Crowther
        Director of Noah’s Ark Preschool





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          Blood Drive – July 14

          JUNE 2020


          July 14th is our next Blood Drive at church.  Walk-in’s are not allowed at this time, but you can go online and sign up for a time (or do so in their app!).  You can also email the Noah’s Ark office and Noah’s Ark Director Kris will help you get signed up.

          When we meet a quote of eligible donors, the Mississippi Valley Blood Center gives us a grant to use towards extra school supplies at the preschool.  Help us out and sign-up to donate today!  View/Download flier.



          Noah’s Ark Preschool May 2020 Update

          Having to write this in April for May is getting pretty tricky.  Not sure if we will be in school or not. Information about school in May will be sent via email to parents as we know the plans.

          Summer School is being prepared and changes will occur in this program to help with physical distancing while still making it a fun and safe program.

          Our staff is using this time away as an opportunity to refresh and relicense themselves for next year. Our teachers are doing their Continuing Education hours on-line and renewing our required licensing classes.  We will be ready to start the next year with all of these requirements in our back pockets!

          We are in the process of identifying a new lead teacher for our older class for next year along with an assistant.

          Miss Jan has decided to step down from teaching for next year.  She has blessed our school for the last 26 years.  Replacing her will be difficult.  Jan will still be at school as our Curriculum Coordinator and substitute teacher.

          Miss Lori has decided to devote more time to her other job and is also saying goodbye.  She has been employed at Noah’s Ark since 2006.  Her dedication and love for our school has been tremendous.

          Noah’s Ark Staff and Board would like to thank all our families that are supporting us during this time of separation; be it with prayers, photos, emails or tuition payments.  We are truly bless by all of you!  What a way to celebrate our 50th year of School!

          If you would like to apply for either of the teaching opportunities for next year, please email at:

          Kris Crowther
          Director of Noah’s Ark Preschool



          Noah’s Ark End-of-the-Year Recap

          We wanted to give you all an update of what’s happening in Noah’s Ark preschool.

          This year Noah’s Ark celebrated their 50th year of ministry!

          Forty-eight students were enrolled this past year, an increase from the previous years.

          We want to highlight that Jan Fink and Lori Larson are both retiring this year and so we celebrate their many years of combined teaching with our children.  Jan will continue on next year as a curriculum coordinator with the school.  So there are two staff openings if anyone is interested in applying!  Contact the preschool office if that is the case.

          Noah’s Ark Preschool did close in March along with all the other area schools.  With that, the teachers were also furloughed and able to receive unemployment.  Keep them in your prayers, would you?  The staff is still volunteering their time to deliver activity packets to all the children. These will be delivered the first week of May.  We love their hearts – one teacher said, “We don’t do this for the money. It’s all about the kids.”

          At this time, there will be so summer school but the plans for summer school in July are proceeding. 13 students are signed up for the July session.

          Looking ahead to next Fall, we already have 35 already enrolled for next year!  Enrollment is open and more information can be found on their website:   There are still openings in the 3 year old classes.

          We are so grateful for the continued ministry of Noah’s Ark.  Enjoy this highlight video from the past year: