Noah’s Ark Preschool – August 2018 Update

In July, we started our second session of summer school. What a great group we have this summer! I’m not sure who is having more fun, the kids or the teachers!

A quick reminder that we have a few openings for the fall for 3’s and 4’s. For more information, visit

Summer school is so rewarding and we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. Everyone is familiar with our routines, knows the rules, and feels comfortable with the teachers. In just one month, we will be back to the beginning: new students, who are very unsure and sometimes very unhappy to say goodbye to their moms and dads. It is very stressful on them and we need to tend to all their needs. Our job as teachers is to create a safe, loving environment so we can actually teach, but that can take time. Consistency, love, and honesty is what makes Noah’s Ark so special. Once children feel safe, we can pour in God’s love. The transformation is so beautiful.

Are you creating a safe loving environment at home, work, school? Once people feel safe with you, they can open their hearts and you can start pouring in God’s love, too. Beautiful!

Leslie Clauson,
Noah’s Ark Preschool Director