No Fear—You Are Empowered

I love the theme and vision we have for the coming year of ministry: Transform the Corridor.

When our cities are transformed, everyone benefits! (Jer. 29:7). And what we often fail to realize is the great transformation taking place inside of us through the power of the Holy Spirit is a transformation that spills into our every day lives. We are literally little walking balls of transformational light and we carry this power wherever we go.

This is no fear needed. The power of the Holy Spirit inside us gives us everything we need for this calling. As a church, we believe God has uniquely called each one of us to some place specific this year where our empowerment by the Holy Spirit will be super evident. In this specific place He calls you, you are an agent of transformation.

You have the great potential to get to know people, to listen to their stories, to jump to their aid when they need you, to build relationships beyond a ‘hello’, and to share the Gospel. And to share it in unique and awesome ways that are already built into your specific personality and wiring.

Again I say, there is no fear needed in this journey. You are empowered! You are called! And you have all the right tools built within you. The simple beauty of this task is that it is not another thing to do, but instead, a change of focus from just being present to being intentional—to not just being a person present, but being an empowered follower of Christ.

Ask yourself — where can I live out the Gospel this year? How will that change my daily interactions there? What little steps can turn into big transformation? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, that’s okay! We’ll be teaching on this transformation with specific steps on how to put this all into action. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will Transform the Corridor.

Leah Carolan
Director of Worship & Media