Pasta of the Prairie and Noah’s Ark!

PASTA OF THE PRAIRIE – Support Noah’s Ark Preschool AND a small business in our church !

Pasta of the Prairie is own by Tyler and Lindsey Steinkamp. They started creating pasta out of a love of good food and trying new things. After taking a trip to Italy where they learned how to make pasta by hand, they brought back new flavors and ideas back home to Iowa.

This locally-made pasta includes a variety of easy-to-make pastas, meal kits, soup mixes, and pasta salad mixes!

Watch for the display fundraiser in the Gathering Space on Sunday, February 12.  Pasta can be purchased at the display, or ordered online to be delivered to the preschool. Be sure to use promo code “NOAH” to save on shipping and for your order to be delivered to the preschool/church.  Order by Saturday, February 18. *Pick-up your order after Monday February 20 at the preschool