Son of Man

Son of Man

I watched a fascinating short video this past week on the meaning of the phrase, “Son of Man”.  It’s first used in the book of Daniel but is also the number one way Jesus describes himself.  He doesn’t use Messiah, or King or Lord… He uses this strange phrase: “Son of Man”.

This video connects the phrase back to the garden of Eden.  In the garden, there are two types of creations—beast and man.  And with these two types of creations are two kingdoms —the kingdom of the beast and the Kingdom of God in which man was co-ruling over with Him.

But in this story, man starts to doubt God, and makes a troubling decision to act in accordance of the kingdom of beasts—aligning with his beastly nature and turning against the Kingdom of God.

So now the question remains: who will reign with the kingdom of God since man chose the kingdom of beasts?  So God kicks them our of the garden to rules with the beasts.

And with the kingdom of beasts comes every bad thing—darkness, death, sin, torture, murder… you name it! Everything ‘beastly’!

This thread exists throughout the entire Old Testament, with the lingering question… is there a Son of Man that will deny the beast and reign again with God?

And there is! A man comes and identifies himself as the “Son of Man” – a phrase they would have understood to be the one who will conquer the beast.

And not only will he conquer the beast, but all other humans can now choose to worship him and side with him.  They also get to be restored back to the Kingdom of God AND given the same power to deny the beast as the Son of Man did.

This was a new concept to me! I’ve read the gospels, and heard Jesus calling himself “Son of Man” but never stopped to ask, “Why?”

Are you curious??? Somewhat fascinated? I can’t tell the story as well as the video—so go watch it!

“Son of Man” from the Bible Project.

Leah Carolan
Director of Worship & Media


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