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How Resilient Are You?

How Resilient Are You?

As one year rolls into another I like to do a review. How did I fair in the past year? How did our congregation fair?

We are on a mission to make disciples who flourish. I recently learned that some people call flourishing disciples “resilient disciples.” Resilient disciples…

  • …attend church at least monthly and engage with their church more than just attending worship services.
  • …trust firmly in the authority of the Bible.
  • …commit to Jesus personally and affirm that he was crucified and raised from the dead to conquer sin and death.
  • …express a desire to transform the broader society as an outcome of their faith.

Does this describe you? If not you might be a “habitual churchgoer.” (You have attended church at least once in the past month, but do not have foundational core beliefs or behaviors associated with being a resilient disciple.) Or you might be a nomad. (You have not attended church during the past month and have not been involved with a faith community for six months or more.)

If you are taking stock – this matters. Those who claim to be Christian but do not have resilience do not flourish. To see the data on why this matters, look at what the Barna researchers discovered.

How resilient are you? Right now is the best time to re-engage and find flourishing by following Jesus!

May the Lord be with you,

Pastor Kent


Kent Landhuis
Pastor of Teaching & Leadership

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