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Candy Donations for Egg Hunt

It’s that time of year!  Easter is quick approaching and we’re planning another great Easter Egg Hunt for Saturday, April 11 a 9am.  The egg hunt is for ages preschool to 5th grade and is free and open to the public. Bring your own basket!

Help us with our Egg Hunt supplies and donate a few bags of candy! Just make sure they are individually wrapped and can fit inside a plastic egg (otherwise, the office staff has to eat the ones that don’t make the cut!)

Drop off at the bin near the Family Discipleship Table or to the church office anytime before April 9.

Family Adventure Potluck & Game Night

Image may contain: people eating, pizza and foodDo you love food? Do you love to laugh and play some games? Well, we think you can enjoy the best of both worlds at the Family Adventure Potluck and Game Night.

Come out and join us on November 20th, from 5:30pm-7:30pm for food and fun! All we ask is if you can bring a dish or dessert to share, we’ll prepare plenty of ham and beverages for everyone! We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out, so PLEASE, PLEASE invite someone who you know might be feeling a little down during the holiday season so they can share in all the fun!

Children & Family Annual Report

With such a blessing of flexibility and grace from our families, the children’s ministry has undergone
quite a few changes. But we think, with the help of our families, we have found the “special sauce,” and are re-establishing our focus around the necessity of Family Discipleship. Before we move-on, let me explain what we mean by the term Family Discipleship:

In simplest terms, being a “disciple” of something means that you are buying into and embodying all that a specific leader is instructing. The addition of the “-ship,” is suggesting that you are a “disciple” for a given amount of time. In Christianity, that leader is Jesus Christ and the amount of time he requests, is for the rest of your life.

Therefore, Family Discipleship means that together as a family, whatever that looks like, we have committed to being lifelong followers of the Lord, Jesus Christ. We see family discipleship in a three-fold approach: 1) Gospel, 2) Community and 3) Mission. Practically speaking, this means, that discipleship, as a family and as an individual, we must desire to be more gospel-fluent, as well as experiencing and serving in community as much as possible.

White it’s a joyous task to walk with Jesus, and follow him wherever he may lead us, it can feel incredibly difficult and can actually be quite scary.

Unfortunately, we can’t say that Jesus won’t make you uncomfortable, but we believe that the church is meant to be the extended family that comes alongside you in this journey! Here’s a brief look at how we think that the church can come together with your family on this adventure:

Gospel: Sunday Classes, Providing Resources, Explorers Children’s Worship
Community: Parenting Together, Missional Communities, Monthly Events
Mission: Family Discipleship, Monthly Events, Monthly Supply Drives

Kyle French
Director of Family and Children’s Ministry

Bloomsbury Farms

Come on out to Bloomsbury Farms out in Atkins, on October 19th at 9am, for just $5 per person! They’ve got a bouncy bubble (you’ll get it when you see it), a massive farm inspired playground, fun little rides and a GIANT corn maze! Hope you can make it out. Starts at 9am, but feel free to stay as long as you’d like! Can’t make it till later, no problem! Let Kyle French know and we can arrange to meet up front to get you your tickets! Please RSVP by Thursday October 17th! Hope you can make it out!”

Family & Children Ministry – May 2019

It is hard to believe that we are already coming up to the end of the school year and we do not have too much longer to go before the summer!

With the warmer weather comes a variety of trips and likely an uptick of things demanding your family’s time. While your down time may be shorter, it doesn’t mean that discipling your family has to be minimized. Consider some of
these simple ideas for ways in which you can keep the gospel at the heart of everything you do.

Do you and/or your child’s school have a summer reading list for your child?

1. Consider reading the books your child is reading. Are there gospel talking points? (Ex: Harry Potter—Good and evil? Prophetic hero against brutally dark forces?)

2. Perhaps a biography is more up their alley. Consider a biography by someone who exemplifies characteristics and values that you envision for your child.

A great reminder from Hebrews 12:1-2, “ …and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith…“

Kyle French
Director of Family and Children Ministry

Children & Family Ministry March 2019

For March, the Family and Children’s Ministry will be focusing on the concept of creativity! We will be looking at everything that is all around us to see how beautiful and wonderful God’s creation is. He is the ultimate Creator who has made everything all around us, from absolutely nothing. Remarkably by design, God has created mankind to be special in the ways in which we are able to create, and the cognitive abilities to be able to process remarkable amounts of information and feelings.

So, no matter if we are a gifted musician or a math whiz, we have all been given the ability to create! Not only are humans able to create, we have been given a purpose by God to do so. It is not by mistake that you desire to create, you have been given everything by God through His careful and thoughtful design.

Kyle French
Director of Family and Children’s Ministry

Family Adventure February Events

Wed, Feb. 13 – Family Adventure Night

We hope your family can join us for a night of food, fun and discipleship, together as a family!

Dinner is offered from 5:30-6pm, program beginning at 6pm.

Nursery will be provided for the littlest ones.

View the event on Facebook.

Thur., Feb. 14 – Parent’s Night Out

5:30pm-8pm your kiddos can enjoy a fun night of STEAM activities, while you take some time to reconnect and recoup, your choice.

Oh, did I also mention…it’s free!

View the event on Facebook and reserve your spot!

More about STEAM On.


Family Adventure Update 2019

Family Adventure is an opportunity for families to be equipped for and to experience living out a gospel-centered life together. We meet each month during the school year, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month (unless otherwise noted).

During our program meeting, we will meet together for dinner and family discipleship from 5:30-7 PM, Nursery will also be provided after dinner for children under 3 years old. We hope you‘ll be able to join us!


Kyle French
Director of Family and Children’s Ministry

(with Alisse and Hadley)

Children & Family Ministry – 2018 in Review

Annual Report – Special Edition

The past nine months of ministry that I have experienced here at Cedar Hills as the Children and Family Director has been nothing short of a remarkable experience. An experience that I am incredibly grateful for! My family and I, have been received with incredible warmth and immense support. In every portion of the ministry, there are volunteers, who are gifted and passionate about serving the littlest kiddos of the church!  It was such a blessing to be able to step into such a strong ministry and to be able to take the time to learn the culture around the church. On top of that, the kids of this church are so eager and excited to be able to learn and fellowship together.

The months of Fall have seen a few changes in the ministry, most specifically around the formal programming of this ministry. We’ve began a twice-a-month programming, affectionately call Family Adventure. The meetings are broken into two specific parts. The first part is an activity for the entire family (Either the 2nd Wed or Sat of each month), designed to allow families to share a fun and memorable experience together. The second part is an up-tempo experience (The last Sunday of the month) that focuses on unpacking the monthly theme and how it ties into enhancing family discipleship. Each theme this year has been centralized around the life and ministry of Jesus, studying Scriptures of how he lived out that particular characteristic. So far, we have covered, how Jesus was…missional and brave. For the month of November, we will be covering thankful and in December the theme will be loving. Our ultimate hope for this particular programming, is to afford families more time and encourage intentionality towards modeling a gospel-centered life.

We can’t wait to see what God has in store for the ministry!

Kyle French
Director of Family and Children’s Ministry