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*New* Moms Community


Moms! Bring your coffee and meet other moms for great conversation, encouragement and discussions of faith and mommin’. Thursdays, starting Sept. 16, 9:30am-11. Childcare provided! If you have a kiddo in Noah’s Ark Preschool this works around their schedule!

If you have any questions, contact Lindsey Ungs using the form below.

Contact Lindsey

    Picnic in the Park


    PICNIC IN THE PARK – Sunday, May 16, starting at 6 PM, you are invited to a picnic at Cherry Hill Park. Cedar Hills will be providing hot dogs and hamburgers and leading some group games after the picnic. Click here to RSVP with the number of children and adults coming from your family and plan to bring a side or dessert to contribute to the picnic spread.

    Lake View Camp Update

    Lake View Camp is one of the ministries we support as a church. We send many kids and families to camp each summer. Here is their latest update letter:

    Despite cancelling our regular summer camps due to COVID-19, over 200 people (kids, parents, grandparents, and friends) took advantage of our “Spend a Day at Camp'” opportunity this summer. All enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation, learned how they can see 20/20 with God, and made many camp memories! As we look to fall/winter, we are exploring possibilities to safely provide some fun camp activities for those interested.

    We are excited to announce that earth moving equipment will be arriving soon to begin site work for Phase 1. We are looking forward to taking this next step in our camping ministry! Striving to live within our means, the board has decided to start work only on the new Lodge (includes dining, kitchen, gathering area) and the necessary infrastructure and to hold off on our large, multi-story cabin units until more funds are received. Instead, we will be building 3 to 4 stand alone cabins with restroom/shower facilities.

    These buildings will be built by skilled, volunteer labor (let us know if you can help!). A separate fund has been established for this and if you would like to contribute, please designate “cabin fund” on your contribution. $40,000 has been contributed to this fund so far, primarily from former campers and counselors who remain passionate about the power of camp. If you would
    like to make a donation in honor of a camp counselor or Sunday school teacher who made a significant impact on your life (or your child’s life), we would love to hear about it when you send your donation! If you prefer giving to the new Lodge, those donations would be welcome and appreciated as well. Please indicate your desire by writing “capital campaign” on those gifts.

    If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Lake View Camp’s director, Diana Brummel, at 641-628-2160, or board members Bob and Dort Kampman (Kesley) at 319-830-8958 or Lance and Lindy Ibeling (Parkersburg) at 319-883-1264. Also, we would love to have you visit Lake View camp this fall to see this beautiful piece of property God has entrusted
    to our care. Give us a call or visit!

    Parent Pivoting Summit

    Parenting Pivot Challenge
    October 8-24, 2020

    A unique online event for all parents!  The Parenting Pivot Challenge is a FREE virtual summit October 8-24 that will consist of daily videos posted in the Parenting Pivot Challenge Facebook group.  The videos are dynamic national speakers addressing topics such as anxiety, depression, screen time, balancing work and life, sexuality, and social media. The videos will be posted for free for 24 hours, so check the schedule and see what will best bless your family.

    View the Full Schedule

    How to Join

    How We Continue to Be the Church in Light of COVID-19

    In light of COVID-19, we are convinced and convicted more than ever the need to be the church beyond the walls of our physical church building.  While our building may be a bit quieter as we wait out the social-distancing rules, our roles as the hands and feet of Jesus increases that much more.

    A couple of unique and powerful opportunities for us to continue as a church:

    Open Hands Food Pantry

    We anticipate an increasing need for food in the next few weeks.  It is our desire to keep the pantry open and switching over to a ‘drive-by’ solution where pantry visitors stay in their cars and we go out to meet them and bring the groceries to them.  This means we need the help of more able bodies, able to carry groceries (or cart them) to and from the pantry to the front doors.  If you are off work due to the virus or have extra time on your hands, this is a perfect opportunity!  If you are able to help, please email pantry leader Darlene DeVries.

    Pantry Hours: Mondays 5-6pm, Wednesdays 10am-12pm, Fridays 10am-12pm


    We’ll be both uploading pre-recorded content and streaming our worship services online, and not physically meeting onsite for worship beginning immediately.  Sundays will be live at 11am on Facebook.  Our Wednesday Lenten messages will be pre-recorded and released on Wednesdays with announcements and encouragement! As part of our regular worship, we encourage you to give online via the app or website, or to take time to mail a check.   Please continue to support the ministry of our church!

    If you are unable to catch the live feeds, we post all our sermons online. They can be accessed in iTunes, Buzzsprout, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartradio, and on the website. (There is also a button in the Cedar Hills Appget the app!)

    Watch Parties

    We encourage you to keep worshipping with us on a regular schedule, and taking “Watch Party” pictures of your family or group as you join together to listen/watch online, submitting them in the ‘comments’ of the video feeds.

    Facebook Groups

    There are couple of Facebook groups we want to draw your attention to that you might like to join. We believe within these groups we can support each other, hear of needs, and respond from what we have! Toilet paper, childcare, meals delivered, etc.  We are especially excited about how we can respond to needs as they arise.

    Children Singing Video

    The children ages 3 to 5th grade have been working for weeks on a song they planned to sing Palm Sunday.  We would like to collect videos of your child singing along with the song to create a video montage.  The recording and lyrics are here.  When completed, send your video recording to Leah Carolan by March 29 (email, dropbox, ishare… whichever way you prefer!)

    Journey Youth

    Pastor Steve has created a YouTube channel for the Journey Youth.  He’ll also be touching base with the youth via texts and email.

    Zoom Meetings, Marco Polo and Other Video Apps

    If your small group decides to forgo physical meetings, consider setting a time once a week where you will all login together for a Zoom meeting or other video meeting app.  Or begin a Marco Polo group and stay in touch via video messages with encouragement, prayer support and community.

    Stay Connected

    Please call your friends. Check on your neighbors.  Connect with those who live alone and let them know they are not alone.  Respond to needs you hear as best you can! (Or share them with us in the Facebook groups.).  We need each other.


    Continue to pray.  Join our prayer chain to lift up others in prayer.  Pray that God would help our lights to shine brightly as we minister to those around us.

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    I’m a mess and so are you

    I’m a Mess and so are you
    Cedar Chips – February 2020

    We all have a public life, a private life, and a secret life. Authentic faith and sanctification, becoming more Christ-like, is about integrating all three of these lives. Many of us, myself included, have been in a place where all three lives are at odds with one another. Years ago, the thought of allowing someone to move in with me would have caused great distress. A roommate would have seen clearly that my private life was not consistent with my public life.

    As I have been drawn towards Christ, my three lives have become more aligned. This leaves more room for gratitude and less scrambling to cover up the messiness that exists. This allows me to invite people into my home as needed, for a dinner, or for a month’s stay. This year we’ve hosted two families (each having two or three kids) into our home, for a month or more.

    This is not a result of some great “cleaning up” of my messiness. Perhaps the opposite, it’s that I’m more willing to expose my messiness (my sin struggles) in my public life. Because of this, I’ve allowed brothers and sisters in Christ to speak the healing Gospel into my mess. Hopefully, the families that have lived with us (and have seen my private life in my home) are less than
    shocked that I’m a mess.

    Lindsey Ungs
    Connection and Communication Architect

    Bloomsbury Farms

    Come on out to Bloomsbury Farms out in Atkins, on October 19th at 9am, for just $5 per person! They’ve got a bouncy bubble (you’ll get it when you see it), a massive farm inspired playground, fun little rides and a GIANT corn maze! Hope you can make it out. Starts at 9am, but feel free to stay as long as you’d like! Can’t make it till later, no problem! Let Kyle French know and we can arrange to meet up front to get you your tickets! Please RSVP by Thursday October 17th! Hope you can make it out!”