Fall Cross Training Courses

Fall Kick-Off 2019

Join us Sunday, August 18 at 9:45am for the Fall Kick-Off Open House (preschool—adults) to meet your teacher, visit your classroom, and have brunch.

Sunday, August 25 all classes begin at 9:45am.

Children, Ages 0 to 5th Grade

Nursery: Staffed by loving volunteers at the 11am service. (Open for use by parents at the 8:30am service)
3&4 year olds: Robin Joens, Deb DeHaan, and Mary Landhuis (Register)

Kindergarten: Paula Stevens and Diane Potter (Register)

1st Grade: Jana Houghkirk and Tracy Spicer-Ehrman (Register)

2nd & 3rd Grade: Melissa Oberembt and Jill Henry (Register)

4th & 5th Grade: Matt Johnson and Matt Houghkirk (Register)

Youth (6th-12th Grade)

Middle School (6th-8th): Coming soon! (Register)

FaithQuest (for youth desiring Cedar Hills membership): Lois Deerberg (Register)

Senior High (9th-12th): Coming soon! (Register)

Adult Classes (18+)

Class #1 – Exchange

Teachers: Alan & Jan Crandall; Sue & Gary Sager; and Deb Steinbaker.

Exchange your brokenness for Christ‘s wholeness. Everyone has access to the abundant life Christ offers. We will look at the process of how to restore our lives to the image of God through Christ‘s love. (REGISTER)

Class #2 – These are the days of Elijah

Teacher: Joanne Lodge

The time of Israel during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel was a very immoral, treacherous time. How do we stand in such times? We will open the scriptures to study ordinary  people who not only survived the times, but became extraordinary witnesses for God. We will receive hope, encouragement and direction for our own journey. (REGISTER)

Class #3 – Indelible Faith

Teachers: Bruce Boldt and Kyle French.

This is the ultimate definition for how we hope and pray that the Bible will work within us. Wouldn’t you adore a faith that could never be forgotten or removed, even against all evil? (REGISTER)

Class #4 – Parenting Together

Teachers: Matthew & Shannon Constant; Stephen & Amanda Colbert; Karl & Lindsey Ungs.

Parenting is a big job and parents can use a lot of help along the way. The goal for our group is to build relationships by learning from and with each other in how we can raise our kids and grow as parents in a Godly way. (REGISTER)