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Worship Ministries – Jump In!

Worship Ministries—Jump in!

If you have ever been interested in joining a worship ministry music team, this is the time of year to jump in.

Sanctuary Choir: This group sings about every three weeks in the 8:30 AM service. Choir is open to anyone high school aged and above who can read music (primarily SATB). Choir rehearses on Wednesdays, 6:40 PM in room 132A and will begin rehearsals August 21. All current choir members and any interested in choir are invited to sing at the Fall Kick-Off worship services August 18. The choir will sing along with the hymns at 8:30 AM service. Practice is just prior to the service at 8 AM that day. Choir is directed by Stuart Geiger.

1st Service Worship Teams: These SATB groups rotate and sing/play one week a month. Teams rehearse on Wednesday nights at 6 PM, prior to the Sunday they sing. Singers must be able to read music, as we sing parts on the hymns. We currently have openings for tenors and sopranos, but all are encouraged to apply, including pianists and organists!

2nd Service Worship Teams: These teams are a mix of singers and instruments (guitars, piano, keys, bass, drums, and occasional string instruments). Music at this service is led from chord charts, so some ‘playing-by-ear’ is required, and great for those who don’t read music. To participate in 2nd Service teams, the first step is to join a Worship Jam. (see below)

Worship Jams: Jams are open to all musicians and are held quarterly throughout the year. We pack all our voices and instruments on stage at the 2nd service and lead as an entire team! The next Jam is Wednesday, August 14 at 6:30 PM and will lead the 2nd service worship on Kick-Off Sun, Aug 18. To express interest in worship ministries or for more info, contact Leah.

Director of Worship & Media

Fall Cross Training Courses

Fall Kick-Off 2019

Join us Sunday, August 18 at 9:45am for the Fall Kick-Off Open House (preschool—adults) to meet your teacher, visit your classroom, and have brunch.

Sunday, August 25 all classes begin at 9:45am.

Children, Ages 0 to 5th Grade

Nursery: Staffed by loving volunteers at the 11am service. (Open for use by parents at the 8:30am service)
3&4 year olds: Robin Joens, Deb DeHaan, and Mary Landhuis (Register)

Kindergarten: Paula Stevens and Diane Potter (Register)

1st Grade: Jana Houghkirk and Tracy Spicer-Ehrman (Register)

2nd & 3rd Grade: Melissa Oberembt and Jill Henry (Register)

4th & 5th Grade: Matt Johnson and Matt Houghkirk (Register)

Youth (6th-12th Grade)

Middle School (6th-8th): Coming soon! (Register)

FaithQuest (for youth desiring Cedar Hills membership): Lois Deerberg (Register)

Senior High (9th-12th): Coming soon! (Register)

Adult Classes (18+)

Class #1 – Exchange

Teachers: Alan & Jan Crandall; Sue & Gary Sager; and Deb Steinbaker.

Exchange your brokenness for Christ‘s wholeness. Everyone has access to the abundant life Christ offers. We will look at the process of how to restore our lives to the image of God through Christ‘s love. (REGISTER)

Class #2 – These are the days of Elijah

Teacher: Joanne Lodge

The time of Israel during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel was a very immoral, treacherous time. How do we stand in such times? We will open the scriptures to study ordinary  people who not only survived the times, but became extraordinary witnesses for God. We will receive hope, encouragement and direction for our own journey. (REGISTER)

Class #3 – Indelible Faith

Teachers: Bruce Boldt and Kyle French.

This is the ultimate definition for how we hope and pray that the Bible will work within us. Wouldn’t you adore a faith that could never be forgotten or removed, even against all evil? (REGISTER)

Class #4 – Parenting Together

Teachers: Matthew & Shannon Constant; Stephen & Amanda Colbert; Karl & Lindsey Ungs.

Parenting is a big job and parents can use a lot of help along the way. The goal for our group is to build relationships by learning from and with each other in how we can raise our kids and grow as parents in a Godly way. (REGISTER)

Life Is

The top five Google hits for “life is” are:

  1. Life is good.
  2. Life is strange.
  3. Life is a highway.
  4. Life is beautiful.
  5. Life is strange

How do you complete the expression “life is?” Is life a journey, a song, a game, a dream, a sacrifice, a gift? Is life grand, depressing, inspiring, gloomy, joyful, discouraging, hopeful, dull?

As we kick off another season of ministry, we celebrate life—the life we have in Jesus. Jesus said, “I came that you might have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

This statement comes after Jesus warns about the thief who wants to harm the sheep. The thief steals, slaughters, and destroys. But Jesus, the Good Shepherd, loves the sheep. Jesus offers an abundance of green pastures and refreshing. The Good Shepherd cares for the sheep giving them life to the full.

We are the sheep and Jesus offers us life to the full—abundance. We discover this abundance when we abide with Jesus. Life is full in Jesus!

Of course many of us sheep still feel tension between life as we live it and life as Jesus describes it. We sometimes live lives less full. Jesus invites us to an upside-down life by worldly standards, but really this life is life turned right-side-up.

We celebrate life lived to the fullest. We celebrate hope for life in this world (and the next) as we follow Jesus the Good Shepherd. We celebrate the impact that the abundant life has on our world. We celebrate life.

In this season I hope that we do not forget our lessons learned about finding rest, but that we live these lessons out in the everyday stuff of life. This fall, abide with Jesus and discover what life is.

The Lord be with you,
Pastor Kent

Kick-Off Worship Jam

All musicians and singers are invited to take place in the Fall Kick-Off worship service Sunday, August 19. The first service choir will gather at 8 AM to sing at the 8:30am service. All singers and instruments are invited to the kick-off worship jam team that will lead the music at the 11 AM service. Practice for the jam is Wednesday, August 15 at 6:30 PM. Please pre-register for the Jam.

No Fear—You Are Empowered

I love the theme and vision we have for the coming year of ministry: Transform the Corridor.

When our cities are transformed, everyone benefits! (Jer. 29:7). And what we often fail to realize is the great transformation taking place inside of us through the power of the Holy Spirit is a transformation that spills into our every day lives. We are literally little walking balls of transformational light and we carry this power wherever we go.

This is no fear needed. The power of the Holy Spirit inside us gives us everything we need for this calling. As a church, we believe God has uniquely called each one of us to some place specific this year where our empowerment by the Holy Spirit will be super evident. In this specific place He calls you, you are an agent of transformation.

You have the great potential to get to know people, to listen to their stories, to jump to their aid when they need you, to build relationships beyond a ‘hello’, and to share the Gospel. And to share it in unique and awesome ways that are already built into your specific personality and wiring.

Again I say, there is no fear needed in this journey. You are empowered! You are called! And you have all the right tools built within you. The simple beauty of this task is that it is not another thing to do, but instead, a change of focus from just being present to being intentional—to not just being a person present, but being an empowered follower of Christ.

Ask yourself — where can I live out the Gospel this year? How will that change my daily interactions there? What little steps can turn into big transformation? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, that’s okay! We’ll be teaching on this transformation with specific steps on how to put this all into action. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will Transform the Corridor.

Leah Carolan
Director of Worship & Media

August 12 Open House

Open House – August 12

Join us Sunday, August 12 at 9:45 AM for the Open House of Cross Training Classes (preschool—adults) to meet your teacher, visit your classroom, and have brunch.  We will also be featuring our new child check-in process and getting children and parents familiar with the system.

Kick-Off Sunday – August 19

Sunday, August 19 is our official Fall Kick-off and classes start at 9:45 AM.

ages 0 to 5th Grade Register

Nursery (0-2yrs): Loving volunteers, staffed at (9:45am and 11am)
Preschool (3yrs-4yrs): Karly Barnard, Deb DeHaan, Mary Landhuis
Kindergarten: Paula Stevens, Diane Potter
1st Grade: Jana Houghkirk, Tracy Spicer-Ehrman
2nd & 3rd Grade: Melissa Oberembt, Jill Henry
4th & 5th Grade: Alisse French, Matt Johnson, Matt Houghkirk

6th Grade to 12th Grade Register

Junior High (6th-8th): Jeremy Van Genderen
FaithQuest (for 8th graders pursuing membership): Lois Deerberg
Senior High (9th-12th): Tamara Strecker

Adult Classes and Groups

Saturate: Alan Crandall & team
Sundays at 9:45am. God wants us to be so saturated with Jesus that His love will overflow in our daily lives so that everyone we meet, everywhere we go, can experience the good news of Jesus and be transformed. This class is both for current members or friends, and those who wish to become members. Register.

See Jesus: See God: Joanne Lodge
Sundays at 9:45am. In John 14:9 Jesus said, “He who has seen me has seen the Father.“ Come; get to know Jesus and get to know the Father through an in-depth study of the book of Matthew. Register.

Comfort in Life and Death: Ray VanderWiel, and Kent Landhuis
Sundays at 9:45am. The Heidelberg catechism asks the question: What is your only comfort in Life and in death? Come to this class and explore the Biblical answer to this question as we discuss life and death questions raised in the Heidelberg Catechism. Register.

Parenting Community: Karl & Lindsey Ungs, and Gary Mills
Sundays at 9:45am. Parenting is a big job and parents can use a lot of help along the way. This community will encourage  conversations with parents— young and old—to help everyone fulfill their calling as parents. Register.

G2: Deb Steinbaker
Meets weekdays. Pronounced “G Squared”, we will celebrate and enjoy the company of each other while on the trails, in the parks and in the community. There will be planned activities each month. Ideas are encouraged! Examples: Walking trails, hiking, urban walks cycling, nature center, museums in CR, Marion and surrounding Corridor communities. Contact Deb Steinbaker, 319-560-9383 if interested.

Register for the 2018-2019 season of ministry

The Fall Kick-off of classes and ministries is Sunday, Aug. 19.  Sunday school Cross Training classes will resume then at 9:45am, in between the two worship services.  Everyone is invited to our Fall open house on Sunday, Aug 12 to locate classrooms, meet teachers, and enjoy a brunch together.  Help us plan for the Fall by pre-registering for classes online, including children, youth and adults.

Register Online

Classes Offered

Ages 0 – 5th Grade (Register now)

  • Nursery: Staff by volunteers at the 11am service
  • 3 & 4-yr olds: Karly Barnard, Deb DeHaan, and Mary Landhuis
  • Kindergarten: Paula Stevens and Diane Potter
  • 1st Grade: Jana Houghkirk and Tracy Spicer-Ehrman
  • 2nd & 3rd Grade: Melissa Oberembt and Jill Henry
  • 4th & 5th Grade: Alisse FrenchMatt Johnson, and Matt Houghkirk

6th Grade – 12th Grade (Register now)

  • Junior High (6th-8th Grade – Sunday Mornings): Jeremy Van Genderen
  • FaithQuest (for 8th Grade pursuing membership – Sunday Mornings)Lois Deerberg
  • Senior High (9th-12th – Sunday mornings): Tamara Strecker
  • Journey (6th Grade – 12th Grade – Sunday Evenings)

Adult Classes

Saturate: Alan Crandall & team (Register Now)
God wants us to be so saturated with Jesus that His love will overflow in our daily lives so that everyone we meet, everywhere we go, can experience the good news of Jesus and be transformed. This class is both for current members or friends, and those who wish to become members.

See Jesus: See GodJoanne Lodge (Register Now)
In John 14:9 Jesus said, “He who has seen me has seen the Father.“ Come; get to know Jesus and get to know the Father through an indepth study of the book of Matthew.

Comfort in Life and Death: Ray VanderWiel & Kent Landhuis (Register Now)
The Heidelberg catechism asks the question: What is your only comfort in Life and in death? Come to this class and explore the Biblical answer to this question as we discuss life and death questions raised in the Heidelberg Catechism.

Parenting Community: Karl & Lindsey Ungs, and Gary Mills (Register Now)
Parenting is a big job and parents can use a lot of help along the way. This community will encourage conversations with parents—young and old—to help everyone fulfill their calling as parents.

Fall Kick-Off T-Shirts

Already ordered your shirt in person? Go here to pay online.
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

The Fall Kick-off is quickly approaching and the new t-shirts are ready to be ordered! Demo shirts will be on display in the Gathering Space in men’s and women’s sizes to try on and find the perfect fit.  Final orders and payments must be received by Monday, July 31.  Shirts are $15.  Payments can be made by cash or check to the church office, or in the Cedar Hills App.  If paying online or in the app, use the “give” button, and make sure you choose “Fall Kick-Off T-shirt” from the ‘fund’ menu. (See designs below). Order online or  pay now for an existing order.

Kick-off Sunday is August 20.

All classes and ministry teams that took a break for the summer will begin again that week. Join us for an open house on August 13 to find your new Cross Training classes, meet the teachers, and get oriented before the big day.

Men’s Shirts
Women’s Shirts
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